A relaxing corner by the sea: discovering the International Baths

Antonino Vaccaro tells us about the birth of the historic establishment and his family who have always managed it.

The island of Capri is world famous for many aspects, from good food to breathtaking views, passing through the splendid cultural heritage preserved and much more. But there are two elements of attraction that really make us special for Italian and international tourists: the sea and the hospitality that the inhabitants have always been able to demonstrate.

A tradition that is perpetuated today in the many activities on the island, such as in the bathing establishments.

We spoke to Antonino Vaccaro, current manager of the historic Bagni Internazionali, and we retraced their history and what they represent today for Capri.

When and how were the International Baths born?

“The factory was founded in the early 1900s by Mr. Ciro Albanese. Until the years of the First World War, a small structure remained with only a few cabins, built as a stilt house on the sea.

In 1937 a restaurant was also built, recovering an old structure on the beach.  Over time the plant has expanded with various terraces and masonry cabins;  only in the 1970s did the complete consolidation of the entire structure take place, which allowed it to acquire the shape and dimensions we see now.  Finally, in the 1980s, the “Da Maria” bathrooms were also acquired, that characteristic structure in Pompeian red, which first belonged to the Mellino family and then became the property of the Albanese family. And it is precisely the Albanese family, of which I myself belong, which continues to manage the Bagni Internazionali today”.

What services does the establishment offer its customers?

“The beach club offers classic beach services: from the use of cabins with showers to the possibility of renting umbrellas and deck chairs.

Ours is a purely family clientele, attracted by our beach;  the sea is ideal for those with children because access to the water is gradual, it is not immediately deep.

It is also ideal for mature people, because you can rest on the natural terraces away from the hustle and bustle. Another service we care a lot about is that of transshipment by boat, reserved for our customers, an absolutely free service, as well as parking. As for their geographical origin, as the name suggests, the Bagni were historically frequented by customers of various nationalities. Until before the covid, at least half of our customers came from abroad”.

We know that you also offer the option to eat in your seaside restaurant. Let’s talk about your kitchen?

“Ours is a classic Campania seafood restaurant; our chef is called Lorenzo Gargiulo, a true islander. We offer mostly traditional dishes, but sometimes we also like to make a little digression, to satisfy even our most demanding customers!”.

How did the idea of the snack bar come about and what is its function?

“The snack bar is an alternative to the restaurant in order to offer something faster and lighter, from the classic freselle to the rotisserie: arancini, crocchè, croutons and much more.

Obviously, both the snack bar and the restaurant are open to everyone ”.

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