Capri, a splendid place not only for vacations

Flavio Naddeo, a Neapolitan dentist, has chosen to work on the island. In this interview he told us about his love for Capri and what it means to live there


Nowhere in the world are there as many opportunities for delightful quiet as on this little island.” This phrase, referring to Capri, is attributed to Charles Dickens; and for those who know the island in summer, with the many tourists who fill the streets and make it a lively and frenetic town, it might be difficult to recognize that we are talking about the famous place of the stacks.

Those, on the contrary, who are lucky enough to know Capri even in winter, know very well what we are talking about. Neapolitan dentist Flavio Naddeo has chosen to open a studio on the island; a lover of Capri at 360 degrees, he perfectly combines his work with hours of leisure and relaxation spent on the most magical island there is. Together we had a chat about the feelings of those who, like him, work there all year round, the difference between summer and winter, and the reasons why Capri, after all, is so magnetic at any time of year.


When and why did you decide to open the studio in Capri?


The Capri studio was born almost as a game, 25 years ago. At the time, I already had another practice in Naples, dedicated to specialized dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. In the winter on Capri, I focus particularly on the islanders, while in the summer I’m the contact person for almost all the tourists in the Gulf of Naples”.


What’s your background? And what did you specialize in over time?


I am a graduate of the second faculty of medicine and surgery, degree program in dentistry and dental prosthetics. I am an expert in dental aesthetics and prosthetic, orthodontic and laser therapy rehabilitations, and I give smiles to patients of all ages by helping to improve dental appearance combined with aesthetics.”


What services do you offer to your clientele?


“The practice is interested in the various branches: from aesthetics to implantology, to the aspects of treatment and prevention. Veneers and prosthetic rehabilitations are definitely my strong points; I also do whitening, fixed prosthetics, implantology, laser therapy and ozone therapy, as well as orthodontics, surgery and conservative dentistry for both adults and children. My motto is “the magic of a smile“, because I want to show my clients how much a good dental aesthetics really affects the physical appearance and self-esteem. After that, certainly the services offered vary depending on the season. In the summer my work is dedicated to emergencies, particularly for the mega yachts present in the Gulf of Naples and Capri, thus treating patients from the United States, Russia, Arab countries, New Zealand, Australia…”.


What values drive your daily work? And to what extent do you believe they can make a difference for your clients?


My professionalism is based on loyalty and respect for ethics, things that are very rare in this era. Speaking for example of low-cost dentistry, in Italy and abroad, let’s remember that the excessively low price always hides quality pitfalls, which of course the patient will never know thanks to the false promises of the dentist on duty, and in this case it certainly indicates lack of quality of materials and their products. In the field of health, quality is not a luxury, but necessary and fundamental“.


How important is it in your work to be able to innovate, train, and acquire new techniques and skills?


“Innovation is definitely the basis of all jobs, and this is very true for mine as well. Continuing education is essential in the medical profession in general, and in dentistry even more so. The refresher courses I attend amply demonstrate this: medicine is constantly evolving, and it’s unthinkable to always stick to the same techniques”.


What’s it like working on Capri in winter?


“It’s wonderful and tiring at the same time. I also have a house on Capri, and despite the difficulties with connections when the sea is rough, those who really love the island always love it. For me it was love at first sight… in winter compared to summer there is the possibility of taking a walk in silence, being alone with one’s thoughts and looking at the fantastic panorama that the island has to offer. I’ve been coming to Capri for 40 years, I almost feel as if I belong here, because in winter I start my week here, continue it in Naples but end it back on Capri. For me Capri is like the elixir of life, sprinkled with a generous dose of happiness and serenity. Taking the funicular and arriving on the terrace is a unique emotion’s experience; every time I get to the top, I always say “mamma mia, how beautiful Capri is!”.


Working on Capri in winter obviously means dealing with the islanders. What is your relationship like with the residents?


“I think the people of Capri are good at understanding whether they’re dealing with a decent person: when you’re courteous, helpful, and work professionally, people can give you a lot back. The real publicity for me consists of the quality of the care I have been providing for decades in my two offices in Naples and Capri, and the degree of satisfaction of my patients. I’ve been working here for 25 years now, and I think I’ve given a lot to the island, and the island has also given a lot to me.


What is it like working on Capri in the summer?


“The basic clientele is always the same, but I’m often called by all the 5-star hotels and mega yachts for their clients’ emergencies. I’m available 24 hours a day. As far as life beyond work is concerned, there’s no denying that, in the summertime, Capri is always full of fun and lively moments.

edited by Stefano D'Alessandro.

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