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The Ruggiero family has been linked to the flowers and gardens of Capri for three generations, since Mimì Ruggiero, in 1901, moved from Naples and began to imagine a new floral life for the Blue Island.

His work is still alive today thanks to his nephews, Domenico and Raffaele, who continue the family profession with passion with Capri Flor, the kingdom of gardening and floral decorations for weddings, meetings and any type of reception. Nothing seems to have changed in that colorful corner at the beginning of Via Tragara, where the Capri Flor store has been located for over 110 years. A testimony of a Capri of yesteryear, inside the shop you can always breathe the same atmospheres and aromas with the welcome and professionalism of the Ruggiero family. In addition to cut flowers and flowering plants, CapriFlor offers a wide range of Mediterranean scrub, bouganville and the most sought-after essences for enthusiasts. In the well-kept nursery in Tuoro, not far from the shop, Domenico and Raffaele cultivate their passion for botanical research and collecting, also reproducing the spontaneous essences of the island of Capri.

In addition, in the shop there is a wide selection of vases and objects in various materials, to decorate terraces, gardens and corners of the house.

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