Capri’s fashion from the 50s to the present day is revived every day at the “Ago Magico”

Attentive to new trends but always close to the taste of tradition   “Fashion is not something that exists only in the form of clothes. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what happens.” This is how the great fashion designer Coco Chanel saw it, and these ideas inspired the way she lived and the way she conceived her creations. Reflecting on these words, we can’t help but think that there are some places that are iconic “by vocation”, that offer glimpses destined to remain indissoluble in people’s minds. Capri is certainly one of these: the suggestive Faraglioni, the magical view from the terrace of the funicular, the splendid port of Marina Grande… These and other images have contributed to the creation of an imagery that still today represents the island, and the whole of Italy, in the world.   This is also why, in the 1950s, as we know, Capri was the capital of fashion: the star system of the time flocked to the island to attend fashion shows and events, and to admire the creations that had contributed to making it “the cradle of La Dolce Vita”. It is in these years that “L’ago magico” was born, a clothing store that, from generation to generation, still proposes that tradition contaminating it with new and original languages. We are in 1952, when the grandparents of Marco Cariddi, the current owner, made rope shoes, wool sweaters and more and sold them. Until today, three generations have succeeded each other in the store, continuing to carry high the name of Capri fashion, innovating but remaining faithful to some pillars of tradition: such as the absolute vocation for natural materials, from linen to cotton to wool and cashmere, and the passion for bright and attractive colors in typical Capri style.   Over the years, the work of “L’ago magico” has changed profoundly, to keep pace with the latest developments in the market and the trade; from a small store where almost exclusively self-produced garments were on display, with the advent of the great flow of tourism it began to propose an increasingly richer offer for an increasingly demanding clientele; until 2000, when a restyling of the store meant that it took its current form. The garments are designed together with a trusted tailor, with whom we decide what kind of print and colors to use. For men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, the colors are always those of the sea, the sky, the splendid nature of Capri; in addition, every year the colors of the latest trends are added to the collection. In short, the island, with its splendid natural beauty, is a great source of inspiration.   This summer, in particular, warm colors such as earth and mustard yellow will be the protagonists; new for 2022 will be a print that depicts majolica with lemons, a classic Capri theme, and another with majolica and the Capri clock in light blue, blue and sea green. In addition to the wide range of clothing, there are also accessories: the line “vestopazzo” is a brand that operates in the field of costume jewelry defined as “ecological”, because it uses recycled aluminum to produce its jewelry. This collection includes accessories not only for women but also for men. Another original and stylish proposal is represented by the compositions of scarves, combined with jewelry, beads or corals, made personally by the team of “L’ago magico”, simple but effective accessories not to go unnoticed.   Today the clientele is composed largely of tourists, thanks to the strategic location of the store, a few steps from the chairlift. Over the years, an affectionate audience has been created for the creations of “L’ago magico”, and the relationship with this clientele has been strengthened thanks to the very confidential atmosphere that the staff has managed to create with them; the owners are now planning to open an online store, so as to consolidate these relationships and open up to an even wider audience.   In short, from a pleasant chat with the team of “L’ago Magico” we understood that the world of clothing is a world in which you can never stop facing new challenges, to have original ideas to propose to their customers, for this is essential passion for their work: only through it you can find what you really need to deal with changes in fashions and tastes of people.
edited by Stefano D'Alessandro.

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