Grakko Fashion Boutique


+39 081 837 2218


Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 85 - ANACAPRI

The boutique Grakko Fashion is born in 2003, by the will of creative and ingenious owner Graziano Albanese. Everything in this shop, wether it’s a hat, a bag or anything else, in an unique piece, because Graziano wants every customer to have something exclusive, that makes them feel special.

Graziano has an own production of bags that are inspired by the ‘50s, a time that can be considered a Golden era for caprese fashion. He also gets his other products from expert craftsmen, who work only with natural raw materials, like cotton or linen, palm or straw. Their creations will make the customers feel like they are wearing something really light and refreshing. Furthermore, all of these crafts are made with great respect for the environment.

These creations are the perfect marriage between nature and modern fashion, and they are against ratification and poor attention towards quality, a typical flaw of our times. In other words, Grakko Fashion is very proud to stand like a creative alternative, environment and health friendly.

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