The explosive range of emotional colors of living Il Salotto del Mondo skilfully mixed by the brush of a young writer from Capri

On April 14th the Collective Novel “I tell you about the island” was presented in Anacapri at the Mediateca M. Cacace, signed by the Capri writer Costanza Cerrotta, already known for her extraordinary talents of writing dedicated to the world of children with different stories (of which the character of Dorina is known, born right here on the island from the author’s imagination).

Once again Costanza left an original and strong mark on the cultural and popular background of our Living room of the world : the novel, in fact, was born from an idea of ​​his launched about a year ago on social media, a fascinating and particular proposal: participate for free in the drafting of a collective novel to which, for all those who have joined, the author has sent an opening message and particular indications to which the participants have followed in writing the their stories. Once the texts were received, in prose and poetry, Costanza worked on them by tying them together in a skillfully woven common plot.

Result? A novel was born rigorously set in the most beautiful places on the island of Capri in which the poetic and profound soul of the protagonist Gabriele keeps all the tales and stories of the various chapters tied to the thread of his memories. Accompanying the work, a series of black and white photographs of the places in Capri mentioned in the story.

We at Salotto del mondo are struck by its originality and its expressive richness of this work, not only understood as different forms resulting from several co-authors, but rather in being enclosed in a single work a whole world of emotions, multiple, all with a single common thread well intertwined by Costanza that refers to the island of Capri, to what deeply marks and forms the unique identity of those who live On an island. This emotional identity is not only “island”, but still has a further originality: Capri.

For those who live here, this reading is a meeting and a reflection of moods and love for their land, while for those who are guests of the island there is a sea of ​​wealth of signs, suggestions and elements, even material, that he can learn to live through the experiences of these tales, skillfully linked together, which show in their explosive simplicity and concreteness, living Capri in its profound magic, which cannot be easily expressed as a whole as this novel manages to do.

Thanks to “I tell you about the island”, the Salotto del mondo has been enriched with a unique work made up of love and experience of many “interested parties”, that is, of many people from Capri who for the first time time they find a strong common point of emotion made up of many shades of color well mixed and reported on canvas by the good author Costanza Cerrotta.

On the site you can download the free e-book in pdf format.

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