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La Canzone del Mare

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Via Marina Piccola, 93 - CAPRI

The Dolce Vita of Capri was born in the most representative place of Capri: “La Canzone del Mare".

The famous bathing establishment, which since the glorious 50s to today has seen the birth of big or small flirtations, stands in front of the most famous natural beauty of Capri, the Faraglioni, which rise in all their might from the crystalline waters that lap the island. You will be able to enjoy this superb panorama from the terraces, from the veranda and also from the dining room of the restaurant open from 12 noon until late afternoon, where you can savor dishes with simple and genuine tastes characteristic of the Capri cuisine. You will be able to take advantage of the beach for splendid swims in the sea that thousands of years ago hosted the legendary sirens who, with their song, attracted men and heroes or use the swimming pool, created by delineating the borders of Capri, at the edges of which you will enjoy the bar service open until late afternoon for drinks, sandwiches, cocktails, ice creams, fruit salads and salads.

La Canzone del Mare is located in Marina Piccola on the southern side of Capri.

You can reach us on foot, by taxi, by bus or even by boat. We also offer the tender service for guests of yachts anchored offshore who wish to be our welcome customers.

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