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Salita Capo Scuro - ANACAPRI

"L'Ago Magico" was born in 1952, when the grandparents of Marco Cariddi, the current owner, decided to create a clothing store where they sold the clothes they made themselves.

From generation to generation there have been many changes, with the aim of keeping up with the news of fashion and taste of an increasingly demanding clientele to whom it began to propose a richer and more varied offer. Until 2000, when a restyling of the store meant that it took its current form.

Even today, however, the soul of Capri characterizes the creations on sale, although contaminated with new and original languages; the spirit of innovation leaves intact some pillars of tradition, such as the absolute vocation for natural materials, from linen to cotton to wool to cashmere, and the passion for bright colors and attractive in typical Capri style.

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