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The Sterlizia (Strelitzia reginae)

The Salotto del Mondo has its own exclusivity also in the rich Mediterranean flora that characterizes it. Note is the variety of flowers, both wild and cultivated in the gardens of exclusive villas or in simple houses, in the streets and in every corner of greenery. The particular climate, mild and warm in the South, cooler and shady in the North, allows you to enjoy works of nature adapted to every microenvironment that the island offers.
Overall, it is certainly a sight to discover all the varieties of flowers and plants, not only for enthusiasts but also for all guests who love the tranquility infused by the very nature of the Salotto del mondo.
Among the many flowers, we like to talk about the Sterlizia. We cannot say that this is a typically Caprese flower, because its origin is South African. It has only recently been introduced in the Mediterranean basin, obtaining excellent results, both of natural diffusion and of commercial interest. This musacea, in fact, quickly won the attention of producers, florists, consumers.
It is an essence with a bushy and at the same time elegant appearance, with leathery oval or elliptical leaves. The flowers are gathered in inflorescences and wrapped in bracts with a characteristic glaucous green color. It has adapted well to the Mediterranean climate and therefore can be grown both in the open area, along the coastal strips, with flowering between September and May, and in the greenhouse, with high and constant productions throughout the year.
It is difficult to find it in areas other than private gardens or parks, where it is well appreciated for its regal, elegant appearance, which is well suited to the luxury properties of the island of Capri.
It likes mild temperatures (18-20 ° C), sufficiently porous soils rich in organic matter and frequent irrigations, taking care to avoid water stagnation. It benefits from periodic fertilizations, mainly nitrogenous.
In the symbolism it communicates a profound disturbance, but for the eye it offers an almost “military” aspect, imperious, worthy flower of the island which was chosen by two Roman emperors.






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