Not just a cocktail bar, but the ideal location to enjoy Capri’s sunsets

Born from a simple kiosk, Malibu is the idea that revolutionized happy hour on the island   The sunset is a natural phenomenon that has always fascinated man. Visual artists, poets and writers have lavished images and words inspired by the ever-changing colors and hues that the setting of the sun gives.   But you don’t necessarily have to be an artist for this show to intoxicate our spirits and touch the deepest chords of our souls: all you have to do is choose the right location, perhaps by the sea, and wait for the sun, diving into the placid blue waves, to perform its splendid show before disappearing from our sight.   It is on this concept that the Malibu experience in Anacapri is based. Its history dates back to the 1970s, when it was still a tiny kiosk named “da Vittorio,” after the name of its owner. The turning point came in 1995 with a change in management: Nello D’Esposito and his wife Renata took it over and, supported by their son Gianmaria, gradually enabled its transformation from a simple kiosk to a symbol of Capri’s sunset. But it is the privileged location on which the present Malibu stands that has been the most important accomplice in the realization of this goal: the area of the Carena Lighthouse is the place on the island where the sun sets the latest. What Malibu offers is the right atmosphere, with music and aperitifs, for a formula that has been successful for 10 years now.   The idea arose from a change in vision that also affected the nearby Lido del Faro bathing establishment, already owned by the family since before Malibu’s opening; staying open until sunset fit perfectly with the kind of service that such a venue, located in a beautiful location but farther than many others from the town center, could offer patrons. To encourage customers to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset, afternoons at Malibu are peppered with music and electrifying DJ sets with Fabio Vuotto; it was something of a novelty for Capri, which immediately welcomed the formula with great enthusiasm.   The target audience is obviously made up mostly of young people, tourists but also a lot of islanders; by now the venue has become a reference point for young people from Capri or who frequent it for their vacations, and choosing it as a location to admire the sun dipping into the beautiful blue sea is now the prerogative of many.   The Malibu is entirely outdoors, and the space is divided into several areas: the lower one is equipped with shaded sofas and couches, stools and high seats facing the sea; overcoming a very slight difference in height are the two small solariums. Its main essence is as a cocktail bar, but it also boasts a good range of wine labels; in addition, typical island salads can be enjoyed for lunch and, for aperitifs, a very tasty mixed plate of tapas served with refreshing cocktails.   Underlying the very concept of the restaurant is a strong idea of sociability; of course, during the pandemic it was not at all easy, due to restrictions, to maintain these aspects: for example, customers could not stand up to dance, but the owners thought to leave the music component intact, which is very important for maintaining a spirit of conviviality, leaving it as a background. Gradually things are returning to normal, and now those who choose the Malibu can return to fully enjoy the typical festive, social atmosphere that accompanies the carefree moments of our lives. The formula is still the same as it was pre-pandemic: a glamorous place, sometimes frequented by celebrities, but not exclusive, where everyone can join in. The aperitif on Sunday in particular was a real event, from which the area also benefited in terms of tourism and attendance, and, as of this summer, it will surely return to that.
edited by Stefano D'Alessandro.

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