The memory of Capri ot the table: the cuisine of the restaurant Da Gelsomina

A place can be lived under many aspects: to understand it at 360° you have to walk the streets, enjoy the cultural and environmental beauty, looking for the genius loci of the territory. This also includes recipes and food and wine products; on the island of Capri, the culinary tradition is really rich and surprising.

One of the best ways to discover it is to choose to taste the dishes of the restaurant Da Gelsomina, in Anacapri. A restaurant whose history coincides with that of the family that currently runs it: starting from Gelsomina, great grandmother of the current owner, who inherited hes name, in addition to the same passion for this work.

From a simple restaurant with bar, over time the kitchen has grown more and more, becoming an actual restaurant. Over the years, the desire to grow and improve has never abandoned the family; in 2020, the restaurant Da Gelsomina celebrated its 60 years of activity, passing into the hands of 3 generations.

Today, Gelsomina Maresca, her parents and her brother, have taken the baton from their ancestors and, continuing to manage everything as a family business, proudly bring to the table the original cuisine of Capri. The menu of the restaurant Da Gelsomina includes both meat and fish dishes; among the first you can not miss the typical ravioli capresi, strictly handmade. It is a vast offer, but the traditional dishes have always stayed the same; behind the stove, on the other hand, there is the culinary wisdom of Teresa Maresca, who, with the help of good collaborators, strives to bring to the table the best of quality and taste.

The cuisine of the restaurant Da Gelsomina has received many awards: it has often been mentioned in the magazine Gambero Rosso and in the famous Michelin Guide. In addition to the aforementioned ravioli capresi, it is absolutely recommended to taste the delicious rabbit alla cacciatora, or, among the desserts, the caprese made with the classic recipe, or even the tasty lemon cake with ricotta. 

“What you can still breathe crossing the threshold of the restaurant”, Gelsomina tells us, “is precisely the uniqueness of a family tradition: the recipes have remained intact, because they tell our story and the story of the locals. At the same time, however, we also try to keep up with the times, improving the restaurant and offering new proposals to our customers. Just think that, when it all started, the restaurant had about ten tables; today, instead, we can accommodate about 180 people”.

The restaurant has two rooms, a terrace and an indoor room. It is located in a panoramic position, a few steps from the beautiful Belvedere della Migliara; the garden that surrounds it was built by the father of Gelsomina over time, always adding new details, until, in the 90s, the beautiful pool was realized. From the pool, today, you can admire breathtaking sunsets.

Thanks to these characteristics, the restaurant Da Gelsomina is the ideal location for all kind of events, from weddings to conferences and much more; not surprisingly, mang people every year choose to celebrate the most important moments of their lives here, to be the background to the memories they will keep forever in their hearts.


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