Strolling around Capri is not just going through the heart of the Salotto del Mondo.

Between the shopping streets and the typical holiday bustle or for the suggestive paths where everything is feeling, such as Tragara. There is an island to discover especially in the vast panorama of island hiking, where the “Passetiello” is one of the “par excellence” trails, the one that true lovers of nature and good walking must have traveled at least once. It is certainly among the most evocative, not only for its immersion in the Mediterranean scrub but also for the variety of landscape scenarios that open up to the visitor’s eyes. An old mule track, an ancient road connecting Capri and Anacapri , which, starting from Due Golfi, is a short walk from the center of Capri, climbs along the rocky ridge, until reaching the Anacapri area, in the Cetrella valley. The path is for enthusiasts, as it has stretches of varying difficulty, with long uphill steps and where, of course, it is advisable to have suitable clothing and especially suitable shoes.

In the first part of the route you will come across a wood in Leccio, one of the three fragments of holm oak still present on the island, with the typical Mediterranean flora, which then flows into a mixed deciduous forest, which proliferates in that area thanks to the sea currents that, rising up, create the ideal microclimate. Finally you reach the Passetiello where, climbing over a high rock staircase, the scenery of the Faraglioni with Marina Piccola appears in front of you.

The arrival at the Cetrella valley with its hermitage closes the fascinating route, where a typical chestnut wood and the Anginola valley meet with a black pine forest (Pinus nigra), essence arboreal native to Asia Minor and the mountain ranges of Eastern Europe. From Cetrella it is possible to return to the center of Anacapri through a path or, going up again towards Monte Solaro, with the chairlift service.

To get there you can start from Località Due Golfi. After the inhabited area and cultivated fields, between holm oak groves and high scrub, you reach the Cetrella valley, near the ancient hermitage of S. Maria, with a splendid view of the Faraglioni. The altitude reached is 589 meters while the travel time is about 3 hours.

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