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With his work, Antonello Palmieri renews the ancestral relationship between Capri and the sea   Capri is inextricably linked to the sea which surrounds it. It is the destiny of all islands: the flow of life, food, work… All aspects of the lives of its inhabitants have, for centuries, been influenced by the waters that bathe its coastline. Over the years, the presence of the port has facilitated trade and cultural exchanges with the Kingdom of Naples and determined, as a result, a great economic well-being. Today the sea is still the main source of livelihood of the island; its splendid waters and the enchanting sceneries it offers are in fact, together with the rich cultural heritage and the enogastronomical proposals, at the center of Capri’s tourist offer. This element therefore continues to give so much to those who live on the island, and will continue to do so in the future as well. Antonello Palmieri with his Capri Island Tour has decided to renew this ancestral relationship between Capri and the sea; his adventure began 7 years ago, and since then he has never stopped pouring enthusiasm and passion into this project, which he himself told us about in an interview.   What is the path that led you to inaugurate Capri Island Tour? “I’ve always worked at sea, ever since I was a child: it’s a passion that my father, a skilled fisherman from the island, passed on to me. For six years, I worked for one of the island’s best charter companies, but then I developed the desire to run my own business: that’s how I decided to take the fishing boat my father used to fish and adapt it to organize sea excursions. Right from the start I was sure that this was my ideal job: I like dealing with tourists, telling anecdotes, helping them to appreciate the beauty of the island. Year after year, working with love and passion, we were able to gradually increase the number of boats arriving at four, and we hope to grow further, taking every opportunity to improve.   Which boats do you use for your tours? “We have various types of boats, starting from the traditional Capri gozzo, to the modern gozzo with cabin and toilet, to continue with the beautiful Capri boat for groups of up to 12 people and, finally, a very elegant 40-foot boat with which we also do transfers and days out.”   What makes Capri Island Tour stand out in the panorama of boat tour agencies? “In recent years, the boat rental market has grown a lot on the island; however, I believe that this work shouldn’t be done only for economic reasons, but out of passion. I always try to put my best foot forward in what I do, so that clients remain satisfied from the moment they book until the end of the excursion, welcoming their requests with the utmost availability, responding at any time and putting them at ease before starting the tour. The goal is to make sure that their experience with us will leave them with great memories of the island.”   Is there an anecdote that happened during one of your tours that you would like to share with us? “A few years ago I welcomed for a boat tour a family from abroad, I had no idea who they were, and I behaved with them as with all customers, with the utmost helpfulness and courtesy. Leaving the port, I realized that there was a raft of paparazzi following us; for a moment I thought… do you want to see that I have become famous? Instead, I found out that it was the passengers of the tour that attracted the paparazzi: on board the boat I had the famous singer Dua Lipa, in the years in which she was becoming famous. From that day on, I also became a fan of her songs!”   What opportunities do those who use Capri Island Tour’s services have? “We offer clients various possibilities, from the basic two-hour tour to a day in Capri or to the Amalfi Coast. Since last year, thanks to the purchase of a new 40 foot boat, we’ve also been making transfers from Naples, Ischia, Sorrento or Salerno. Sometimes we also receive requests for transfers to have dinner in Nerano or on the Amalfi coast. The boats are driven by experienced sailors, while I and other members of staff take turns to act as tour guides and to make sure that the client feels comfortable and has a great day.   What’s the anecdote you like to tell the most when you’re on the boat? “There are many; one of the ones I prefer to tell is linked to one of Capri’s best attractions, the Blue Grotto. It was discovered in ancient times and was created as a swimming pool for the Roman emperor Tiberius. It’s a curiosity that always strikes customers, who, after hearing it, can’t wait to take a bath in the grotta azzurra!”   What news awaits your clients next summer? “This year, thanks to the new, bigger boat we’ve bought, I’ve decided to do something different, giving clients the chance to have lunch or dinner on board, with a menu obviously decided beforehand with the client, and then stop in one of Capri’s most beautiful and calm places, where they can breathe in uncontaminated air. We want to give customers the opportunity to live a unique experience, eating excellent food in the middle of the sea, with the beautiful views that the island gives us, such as the famous Faraglioni, the scenery that has become an icon of Capri and that tourists from all over the world appreciate”.
edited by Stefano D'Alessandro.

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