The return of events on Capri, with a stylish start at Bagni Tiberio

The historic establishment was the location for the presentation of the new line of the Emilio Pucci brand   We never appreciate the real importance of things until we lose them. It’s a universal maxim that all of us, at least once in our lives, have had to contend with. For years we have taken many of our fortunes for granted, thinking we could enjoy every moment without anything coming to take away these possibilities; it was like this for events, not only kermesses and places of worldliness, but also and above all opportunities to share passions and occasions for conviviality, which, all of a sudden, we had to erase from our lives. Today, thanks to the sacrifices of all, we can finally return to fully enjoy these wonderful moments, we can return to feel part of something without fear, regain possession of our spaces for sharing, and find those moments of interaction with others essential to the well-being of our soul.   Bagni Tiberio has decided to inaugurate this very important summer of events with a collaboration with the well-known brand Emilio Pucci. In order to bring fashion back to Capri, once the true fashion capital of Italy, it was impossible not to focus on a brand like Emilio Pucci, fundamental to the history of Italian style. Everything was actually born from a pure coincidence: it was the company that chose the Capri location to organize the event, receiving the maximum availability from the owners of the establishment. In the fantastic scenery of the Emperor’s beach, the garments of the new line were presented, worn by beautiful models. Not the usual red carpet fashion show, but an event that, while retaining the unique style that distinguishes the brand, was held in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. The initiative that Emilio Pucci has brought to Bagni Tiberio has had a great impact not only on the participants, but also on social networks: the company has gained great visibility, the news, with lots of images, has gone around the world, with the obvious satisfaction of the brand.   On the other hand, the current encounter with the island is certainly not new to the history of the brand: Pucci already opened a boutique in Capri at the end of the 1940s: “La canzone del mare”, on Via Camerelle, in Marina Piccola. It was here that his clothes enjoyed their first successes, being worn by characters of the jet set of the time: from Sophia Loren to Rita Hayworth, from Jackie Kennedy to Marilyn Monroe and many others. His clothes were in demand to the point of convincing the opening of a second boutique on the island.   But, when the managers of Bagni Tiberio decided to lend their location to the cause, providing the utmost collaboration for the project, they were well aware that such an event would bring benefits above all to the island: their work was therefore motivated by bringing once again the image of Capri around the world, to enhance it in its real potential. At the same time, it was an opportunity to propose Bagni Tiberio as a location to hold this type of event, never before held in the establishment; it could mark the beginning of future, important collaborations. This initiative also paves the way for a true rebirth of events on Capri; the hope is that they will be accompanied by numerous work opportunities for many realities of the tourism and catering sector and for new, potential employees. In the specific case of Bagni Tiberio, but also of many other restaurants and reception halls, it will be a summer full of weddings.   What difference can an establishment like this make to a couple looking for the perfect location for the most important day of their lives? What the managers offer is a traditional and characteristic place, that makes of a genuine simplicity its main stylistic feature: their advice to the newlyweds is in fact not to work too much on the place, in order not to ruin its soul. Thanks to the restaurant, Bagni Tiberio also take care of the food, offering a buffet by the sea with appetizer and various delicacies; the most popular first courses for these great occasions are trofie with zucchini, seafood risotto, paccheri with lobster, while the second courses are salt fish or grilled fish; in short, you always choose a simple but impressive menu, to be concluded with a tasty buffet of desserts.
edited by Stefano D'Alessandro.

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