The faces of celebrities from the world of entertainment in the symbolic place of the world ‘star system’ at “La Canzone del Mare”.

Pictorial fantasy, long and happy activity as a portraitist capable of re-reading the faces of many illustrious characters in the world of entertainment in an ironic way where a profound interpretation of the human soul is never lacking.

These are the pillars on which the exhibition of the artist Andrea Petrone , son of ‘art of Neapolitan and Samnite origins by adoption, which will be hosted in one of the symbolic places of the buen retiro caprese of the star system since the times of the’ dolce vita ‘: The Song of the Sea .

In this paradise, in the entrance boutique of the beach, you can admire the artist’s works and portraits.

It is well known about him that since he was a boy, following in the footsteps of his uncle Tommaso Cascella in his studio in Pescara, he began drawing and portraying his family members, later training in the Institute of Art in Naples. Over time, refining the various techniques, he has painted many works and created a large number of portraits, many of which can be admired in this personal . Among the many, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino up to our Christian De Sica, and Carlo Ancelotti . A posthumous homage to the extraordinary musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lucio Dalla could not be missing, whose cordial friendship linked Petrone to the Bolognese artist: Dalla in fact he wanted to entrust him with the beautiful cover for his first compilation entitled “ Dear friend, I write to you …” produced in November 2002 by BMG Ricordi .

And then again the portrait of the President Aurelio De Laurentis , who visited his personal exhibition in Capri in June 2011, and who bought a work by calling Petrone for an artistic collaboration with the Napoli team; the portrait of the President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo , who liked very much visiting the 2012 solo show in Capri. Finally, the portraits of Madonna and Will Smith who recently went on vacation on the island.

It is a journey within a journey, between the emotions aroused by the works and those of the air one breathes in the bay of Marina Piccola , an exhibition not to be missed where the artist himself will be present in the place who could better marry with the many characters on display, being a popular destination for countless names of the world of entertainment and the world star system .

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