Faro di Punta Carena

One of the most famous beaches of the island, certainly is that of Punta Carena, better known by the name of Faro, the name of this locality depends, in fact, on the great red lighthouse, the second largest in Italy, located on a cliff  reminiscent of the hull of a ship. We are located in the municipality of Anacapri, on the western tip of the island. In this place there is a perfect union between the land and the sea, between the Mediterranean flora that dominates and the bare rock that falls sheer to the sea. The seabed is deep and the crystalline sea takes on all the colors of blue. The best show that can be enjoyed besides a regenerating bath is certainly the sunset, when the sun setting over the sea generates a romantic atmosphere. It is possible to get to Faro with the Anacapri bus line (Piazza della Pace terminal) and the Faro, the journey time is about 10 minutes or on foot along Via Nuova del Faro here the journey time will be about 45 minutes.

Marina Grande and Palazzammare


Adjacent to the port, we find the largest and most crowded beach on the island, that of Marina Grande.  Despite the proximity to the pier, the water is always clean and crystalline and the shades range from aqua green to blue. The beach is the ideal solution for families because, having shallow water, children can play in peace and it is also perfect for those who want to get lost again in the Capri waters before leaving for the mainland.


On the side of Marina Grande there is the small beach of Palazzo a Mare which can be reached by boat from a side boarding at the port or with a nice walk among the lemon groves of the homonymous area, starting from the bus stop of the Church of San Costanzo. It is a unique place that oozes history in fact you will come across Roman walls in opus reticulatum and small basins, precisely because this was one of the imperial residences before Augustus and later of Tiberius. The beach has pebbles and is very popular with families because children can play safely without danger as the free part is well protected by a cliff. The sea is crystal clear and transparent, with the seabed clearly visible.


On the southern side of the island, protected by the steep rocky walls of Castiglione and Monte Solaro, we find the small and pretty bay of Marina Piccola with a view of the Faraglioni. Even on the coldest winter days it is always pleasant to lie in the sun, in fact many people from Capri have the habit of diving here all year round.  Reaching this bay is very simple, there are frequent connections by bus or from the locality due golfi, after via Roma, you can take via Mulo on foot.  Arriving at the square of Marina Piccola, to the right of the Church of Sant'Andrea, you can go down the stairs and reach the Scoglio delle Sirene (many scholars have placed the sirens narrated in the Odyssey by Homer), these rocks divide the small bay into two small ones  beaches: Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro, used by the ancient Romans as a small port.


It is a small and reserved cove, near the famous Blue Grotto, with flat rocks where you can lie down and two ladders to go down to the sea. Here the blue of the sky merges with the sea, as if it were stretched towards infinity. The sea is beautiful, you will get lost in the deep blue, crystalline and transparent, with one of the deepest seabeds on the coast. You can get to Gradola with the Anacapri bus line (Piazza della Pace terminal) and Grotta Azzurra, the journey time is about 15 minutes.

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