The climate according to the seasons

Summer can be said to really last five months, from mid-May to September. This is the most temperate and warm period also for the sea temperature. Temperatures will fluctuate between 20 and 29 degrees in the shade. The months of July and August will be the ones with the most tourist turnout, while May, June and September, perhaps the best times for those who love a little less confusion and fewer queues for public transport.

This season, albeit reduced to a couple of months, like March and April, often heralds the impending arrival of summer. While the sea temperature will still be cold, you can come across sunny days where it will be wonderful to walk. Temperatures will range from 13 to 20 degrees, so it will be advisable to wear something heavier in the evening, as humidity is the real island problem.

As it is only the months of October and November, you will often be struck by the prolongation of heat and sunlight. Excluding the possibility of some rain, it is not said that you can not fully enjoy even relaxing days at the beach, although many structures, especially the bathing establishments, close. Temperatures will range from 15 to 21 degrees.

The island’s winter is between December and February. Average temperatures will be between 13 and 19 degrees, with peaks of cold especially in the morning and during the night. Here too, the presence of sunny days up to 23 degrees cannot be excluded, where it will still be possible to get a little tan in warm areas such as in Marina Piccola or at the lighthouse, and for the bravest even a pleasant swim. Seeing is believing!

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