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The most beautiful wedding venues on Capri

Our island, with its beautiful views of the sea and the streets of the historic center, is not only the ideal place to spend pleasant days of relaxation and fun, but it is also the perfect setting to celebrate an unforgettable wedding! In this article we will discover the most beautiful wedding locations of Capri, unique places where the special atmosphere makes it even more romantic crowning your dream of love.

Say yes in the shade of the Faraglioni

Our review could only start with the most iconic place in Capri: what could be more romantic than organizing the ceremony on a boat, and say yes in the shadow of the Faraglioni while waiting for the sunset? The three rocky peaks located to the south-east side of the island are famous all over the world, thanks to the impressive panoramic view offered by the gardens of Augustus.

This location, in 2019, was chosen by an exceptional couple, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz: the German supermodel and the leader of the band Tokyo Hotel were married in secret, but not without sacrificing style, on board of the «Christina O», owned by Onassis, the yacht was also chosen for the wedding of Grace Kelly and Ranieri of Monaco and Aristotle himself with Jacqueline Kennedy.

The story of Villa Lysis and of a romantic love

The wonderful Villa Lysis is not only the perfect location for its beauty, but also for its history. This place is in fact linked to the figure of the noble Parisian poet and aesthete Jacques Fersen, who had it built in honor of his beloved, after leaving Paris because of the scandal that had provoked their union. The name refers to Plato’s dialogue, Lysis, which deals with homosexual friendship and love.
Villa Lysis was chosen in 2017 by fashion blogger Feiping Chang and financier Lincoln Li for their wedding, for a very social ceremony: the 82 thousand followers of Fei have in fact followed with great passion the event on instagram.

location matrimoni capri

A less known location for an unconventional wedding

Among the most beautiful wedding venues in Capri there is also a panoramic viewpoint known by very few, behind the historic center of Capri. It is called Punta Cannone and it is the ideal place for a civil or symbolic ceremony with a few guests.

From this beautiful terrace you can admire the Faraglioni, the Scoglio delle Sirene, the Certosa di San Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus. The name derives from the fact that here, in 1808, the British placed, a cannon for the defense of the southern sector of the island.
Little known by tourists and little recommended by guides, it is really a special place to celebrate your love.

Getting married under the lighthouse of Punta Carena

Anacapri, the other town of the island, also offers some of the most beautiful wedding venues on Capri. On the western end of the island, facing the sunset, you can celebrate a civil or symbolic ritual on a terrace overlooking the sea, in the shadow of the lighthouse of Punta Carena.

The lighthouse, built more than a century ago, is the second in Italy for size and power after the one that is in Genoa and is located in a fantastic bay, where the sea is crystal clear but reaches immediately considerable depths.

The Global Creative Director of Swarovski, Giovanna Battaglia and the Swedish real estate developer Oscar Engelbert have chosen this location for their wedding, surrounding themselves with a spectacular set created specifically for the event.

A wedding at high altitude

Love is the same at all altitudes: also for those who decide to celebrate their wedding on the highest peak of the island, Monte Solaro. Reachable with the characteristic chairlift, here you can celebrate a symbolic union surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples and Salerno and Ischia.

Furthermore, starting from Monte Solaro and descending the path in the woods, you reach Cetrella, the most romantic secret place on Capri, where you can celebrate both a civil and symbolic wedding.

A beautiful historic villa as a setting for the most beautiful day

Our review of the most beautiful wedding venues in Capri ends with one of the most beautiful residences on the island: Villa San Michele. The house of the doctor and writer Axel Munte, with its gardens, with the enchanting view of the Gulf of Naples, can be the exclusive location to celebrate a union with a symbolic wedding.

Located on the rocky north-eastern peak of Anacapri, the villa is surrounded by a green park, where architecture, art and nature come together harmoniously. Today, although it is still a private residence, it is open to the public and re-evokes the life of the jet set of its time.

In the summer of 2004, Mira Sorvino, the American Oscar-winning star of Woody Allen’s “The Goddess of Love”, and 22-year-old Chris Bachus, in an very private ceremony, sheltered from curious people and paparazzi, were gathered in the temple of the historic residence.

For advice on more locations in Capri, we suggest you to contact the Capri Wedding team: their professionalism will help you make your special day a real fairy tale.

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