Anema e Core in Capri, where music is always at the center

The historic local destination of the Capri jet set knows how to give moments of fun to tourists and islanders without any distinction   Yes, music can really save a life. We already knew it when it was the soundtrack to the most important moments of our lives; during the health emergency, when we were forced into isolation, we had the confirmation, because it was the music that kept us company, made us travel with our minds and kept alive in us the desire to hope for better times.   But now the time has come to fully live one of its main functions, and that is to generate experiences that must be lived together: to go back to singing at the top of your lungs under the stages, to dance to the rhythm of our favorite songs, all together united by the desire to have fun and share a passion.   Anema e Core in Capri has always been the ideal location for these wishes to come true. Gianluigi Lembo, son of the owner Guido and currently a very important member of the artistic cast of the place, has granted us a precious interview to tell a fundamental piece of Capri history, which is preparing for a new, great beginning.   Anema e core is now an integral part of the identity of Capri: a place that, in its years of activity, has managed to represent a fundamental destination for the island’s nightlife. Would you like to retrace its history together?   “It all began in April 1994, when my father, Guido Lembo, had the happy intuition of inaugurating a place that went outside the box. At that time there were many taverns in Capri, but Anema and Core were able to create the right mix between tradition and modernity that made us unique in the world. Almost immediately it caught the attention of Capri people, vacationers, island regulars, politicians, celebrities from the star system. Over the years, the public has become more and more international, and the venue itself is now a symbol of the Italian lifestyle abroad. As for the musical repertoire, that too has evolved over the years: the classics of the Neapolitan song are reinterpreted by us in a playful key, alternating with the hits of the moment. It is a very special sound that we recreate live every night, because the electric guitar, percussion, wind instruments such as the sax have been added to Guido’s classical guitar … A unique rhythm, all Anema e Core “.   What is the relationship of the restaurant with the island of Capri? What kind of clientele frequent it?   “We don’t like to make distinctions from the public: the Caprese has the right to have fun just like the tourist. We don’t even have a dress code, like the vast majority of clubs. We love that the public feels at ease as they see fit, without a tie, jacket, and why not, even barefoot. Capri has given us so much and we try to give back to the island and our community a place of entertainment where, as one of our songs says, “thoughts rest“. Surely in the last 10 years we have witnessed a real revolution: the international target has become preponderant, and perhaps our foreign friends are even more enraptured by the atmosphere and energy of the place, where everything is very spontaneous, which does not happen in the clubs from other countries “.   Would you like to tell us an anecdote that involved an exceptional customer of the place?   “How not to mention the surprise arrival of J.Lo, a few years ago. At first it seemed he did not want to actively participate in the evening; he attended the band’s live show while staying at his table. In honor of him, I also dedicated “Tu si na cosa grande” to her. But, when the first notes of “Let ‘s get loud” started, she couldn’t resist, she asked for a microphone and got on the tables putting on a real show … it was like being her at her concert! An indescribable emotion “.   What impact did your entry have first as a guest and then as the new voice of the Anema e Core Band?   “It can be said that I grew up on “bread and taverns”; I have witnessed the backstage of the club since its inception, when my father called me on stage to sing hits like “I’m a lucky boy” and “The boy from Gluck street“. Then I became familiar with music, I studied singing and guitar for several years, and I felt ready to join him. Seeing the audience from the stage, when before I was used to welcoming them at the door or at the entrance, is a whole different story. But I still feel like that “lucky guy” of the 90s, and I try to have fun with the band and the guests just like one of them. ”   Do you want to tell us about your participation in the Gin Mare web series? How would you describe this experience? What is the added value that you think may have brought to Anema e Core and to the island of Capri?   “I like to bring the soul of Capri to those who don’t live it or don’t know it. The idea that such renowned brands choose it as a destination for their set excites me, especially when, as is the case with Gin Mare, stories are told. A company is made above all by the people behind it. With Anema e Core we tried to tell in a more intimate way what Capri represents for us “.   Can you tell us something about the next winter tour of the Anema e Core band?   “We will touch many national and foreign destinations: I am thinking of the now consolidated partnerships with the Armani of Milan or the Twiga of Montecarlo, or the Jerò in Rome. Without forgetting the very affectionate friends of Rosolino in Naples, or the stops in Puglia, a region to which we are very attached “.   What differences are there in performing as a guest in clubs on the national territory and abroad and in “playing at home” for the Capri summer?   “Going elsewhere means bringing a bit of Capri into the homes of others; it is wonderful to travel for work, even if it is very tiring. Working in the place where you were born and raised is a privilege for a few, but also a great responsibility. Music is life, aggregation, sharing, and never as in this moment is it important to be able to transmit positive values ​​”.
edited by Stefano D'Alessandro.




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