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Guide of capri

Guide of Capri is the island's first web portal that eliminates intermediaries. Guide of Capri puts the history of the island at the center of the portal, its more and less known traditions and anecdotes. The most complete online guide of the island of Capri. Historical anecdotes, curiosities, unpublished paths and routes to recommend to you to experience the island of Capri as you have never done before.

The Relaxing Sound Of The Waves Of Capri

The fabulous background for your holiday in Capri? The murmur of the waves on the coast and the caressing breath of the wind. To find yourself in this beautiful island with extreme simplicity, all you have to do is plan your trip with one of our vacation packages. Have a good listening!

"Nowhere in the world are there as many occasions of delightful quiet as on this small island." (Charles Dickens)

Guide of Capri the portal that suggests the best experiences to live during your holiday. Book without any intermediaries. Capri boat tour? Choose your favorite excursion and get in direct contact with the best facilities on the island! What to visit during your stay in Capri? Find out with us

What we offer?

01. Story

Are you looking for a guide on Capri for your holiday? Historical insights and articles dedicated to the most evocative places, for small explorations and unique information that will accompany you to discover the origins of the island.

02. Without intermediation

Book your holiday through our portal a selection of hotels where you can book directly without any kind of intermediation.

03. Holiday Capri

Our Selection Of Holiday Homes, Guest Houses And B & Bs For Maximum Comfort. Our mission is to evaluate in a practical and fast way all the solutions related to micro-receptivity without intermediation.

04. Experience

Commercial heart of the portal where you can plan a large part of the activities of guests and visitors, from advice on how to spend the day at the beach, shopping, to overnight, ending with a visit to the most characteristic bars or restaurants on the island. (Beauty, Handicraft Etc.)

05. Luxury and Events

Capri is often synonymous with luxury. A colorful island where fashion and glamor are essential factors. The great stylists have found a source of inspiration in the pastel shades of the Caprese nature. This refinement takes shape in a refined and original luxury. All this mix of beauty makes luxury services in unique and magnificently unrepeatable events.

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