Change at the top of the That’s Amore Capri association: Costanzo Porta new president


Changing of the guard within the That’s Amore Capri association. There are two fundamental changes within the board: the entry of new president Costanzo Porta and new vice president Michela De Martino.

After three years, in fact, Salvatore Aprea, chef and patron of Da Tonino restaurant, is leaving the position of president. The whole association thanks former president Salvatore Aprea for these important years; years that have seen the birth and growth of a review that has become a reference point for the island, and that has brought events to Capri under the banner of culture, solidarity and entertainment.

It will be difficult for me, as the new president, to equalize the great work of my friend and partner Salvatore Aprea,” says Costanzo Porta, “to whom our thanks go for his commitment to the project. It also remains intact on my part to continue to grow the kermesse, leveraging the major events promoted in support of the Soleterre Foundation. It is fundamental for us to reach, thanks to our invaluable partners and sponsors, as well as to our loyal audience, to create an ever-growing event that turns the spotlight on Capri and nurtures a tourism attracted to the island not only by its natural wonders, but also by the big names in entertainment, gourmet dinners, and musical events of national scope. All this in collaboration with artistic director Valerio Pagano, who has agreed to curate and follow the kermesse for another year. We have been at work for months already and hope not to disappoint our audience.

Vice President Michela De Martino, owner of the historic Da Paolino restaurant and a member of the That’s Amore Capri association since the early years, also intervenes. “The kermesse can and must grow, we believe in it a lot. Among our main goals is to raise the level of events more and more and, above all, to create an important schedule that lasts from September until December. Capri needs it and the many young people who, as of today, do not have many opportunities in this regard, are entitled to it. It is precisely the island’s young people who are one of the targets to whom we want the association’s efforts to be directed; that is why we are always working to create, in addition to the main event and gala dinners, smaller events spread throughout the year. That is what we are working on, and we hope for more and more collaboration with other entities as well.”

“We thank all sponsors, media, our partners and collaborators all, who support our event, and who, like us, believe it is necessary to give something back to this beautiful island of ours.”

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