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The history of Caprese construction, from the postwar period to today, has always been linked, in one way or another, to the Porta family. The company was born in the seventies as the result of Costanzo Porta's consolidated experience in the construction field, gained over decades of important achievements.

The profound knowledge of the technical, technological and operational aspects, but above all the deep passion for this field, was transmitted by Costanzo to his son Gaetano (called Nino) who, with an ever precise and impeccable commitment, has allowed the company to grow and establish itself for the qualitative characteristics of the product offered to its customers.
The presence of the second generation of the Porta was the driving force that allowed the company to make the right qualitative leap, ending up taking on a leading role in the field of island construction.
Currently, the management of the company is entrusted, in addition to Gaetano who holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, also to his son Costanzo, partner and director of the board, who represents the third generation of Porta dedicated to construction.
Since its foundation, the main goal of Porta Costruzioni has been to offer its customers the utmost professionalism, in order to create buildings that, while maintaining the characteristic Capri style, meet all the standards of efficiency and quality.

The structure and work units available to the Porta company were able to guarantee the satisfaction of the qualitative needs of its customers.

The constant updating according to the new construction technologies and the innovative capabilities at its disposal, allows the company to qualitatively manage each phase of the order.
For every need, the Porta company is available to carry out inspections and free estimates.

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