Processione di San Costanzo

Each May 14th, Capri Municipality celebrates its Patron Saint, San Costanzo. He was a Bishop of the Eastern world who landed on the Island during the seventh century, after a shipwreck occurred on his return to Constantinople. In Capri he became a “lighthouse”, a true religious and moral landmark for the local inhabitants who, since that time, have commemorated and thanked him for the miracle he did in 991 AD.

It is said that during the Saracen raids, appearing before the eyes of an elderly lady, he promised the protection of the island

Thus it was that, as soon as the words of defense were pronounced, the sky suddenly darkened and the sea stirred strongly, thus diverting the Saracen fleets away from Capri. The procession on this day is awaited not only by the inhabitants but also by the tourists in which it arouses curiosity and emotion. The bells begin the procession that will carry the patron saint, from the church of Santo Stefano in the square, to the church of San Costanzo in Marina Grande. Along the way, the Capri women, from the top of their balconies, will throw rose petals and broom in bloom in that month and the sound of the local bands will accompany the saint until the end. In addition to the religious aspect, this day marks the beginning of the so-called “good season” in the hearts of the islanders under constant blessing over the centuries.

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