Settembrata Anacaprese

The last week of August, in Anacapri, the Settembrata, the famous festival of grapes and ancient peasant practices, kicks off.This event was born in 1923 thanks to a group of artists who wanted to pay homage to the Anacapri population for the hospitality received . In recent years, Settembrata has revived in addition to the historical re-enactments of the early 1900s also the agricultural habits and local crafts.

There will be, for the delightful streets of the center and in the squares, theatrical performances and musical entertainment.

The streets are dressed up in honor of the traditions and flavors of the island, offering tourists and locals the opportunity to taste freshly cooked delicacies and watch the parade of numerous figures in historical costumes. Taking part in this popular festival is one of the best ways to greet, albeit with nostalgia, the end of the summer season.

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