AGI Engineering & Service and That’s Amore Capri: creating perfect events together

When we attend any event, we should never stop to reflect about the great work that is behind it, both for its design and for its actual realization: involving a large audience means, in fact, having to deal with security issues and the management of flows of people that only professionals in the sector can manage efficiently. In Capri, all of this is amplified by the particular logistical conditions of the island.  The “guardian angels” of the events of the exhibition That’s Amore Capri are those of the team of AGI Engineering & Service, an engineering and services company born from the many years of experience of its founder, the engineer Giuseppe Aprea

“The company, which I manage together with my sons Marco and Fabrizio, deals with building engineering, plant engineering, safety, fire prevention, large events and, thanks to a team of expert biologists, also water control for swimming pools and HACCP, as well as the realization of “turnkey” projects for luxury brands in the commercial sector. We work mainly with commercial activities, such as hotels and shops but, since we operate on an island like Capri, we always strive to meet the most disparate needs coming from different types of customers”.

That between AGI Engineering & Service and That’s Amore Capri was a fortuitous meeting, from which an important and solid collaboration was born: “from the first moment I met the artistic director Valerio Pagano, I had the confidence that I would work with serious and passionate people, who are dedicated body and soul to realize their projects in the best possible way. Specifically, for the exhibition, we at AGI Engineering & Service deal with the technical part, from design to safety and fire prevention, up to the relationship with the Authorities (Superintendence, Municipality of Capri, COT etc.); in addition, we attend the event with a fire brigade, security personnel, resuscitators and much more”.

A collaboration that, to date, has allowed to organize a series of events that have been a great success, and that have taken place in an impeccable way. “What convinced us to follow the festival? Simple: on one hand, the professionalism and the great enthusiasm shown immediately by the staff of That’s Amore Capri; on the other, the awareness of the beneficial purpose of the event. I have personally met the president of the Soleterre Foundation, and I have had the opportunity to listen to his direct experience; the Foundation is always at the forefront to help young cancer patients and their families, and this is, in my opinion, a great added value for the event and a very important reason to make our contribution in ensuring its smooth running”. 

We asked Eng. Aprea which of the past events of That’s Amore Capri he is most fond of: “I found particularly moving the show by Paolo Ruffini, “Up & Down”, which brought on stage the energy of the guys of the Compagnia Mayor Von Frinzius. I am sure that we can expect many events of the same quality, that will excite us in the same way! I just have to wish a great good luck to all the staff of That’s Amore Capri… and wish the public to spend pleasant evenings on our beautiful island!”.


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