From Canada to Naples, to work with the sea: interview with Marsha Turola, owner of the maritime agency web partner of That’s Amore Capri.

Preparations are underway for the new edition of That’s Amore Capri, an event that has reached its fourth year of activity. Previous editions have brought events of culture, theater, comedy and good food to the Island, through a wise balance between promotion of the territory and guests of national and international importance.

To make all this possible, That’s Amore Capri has a large network of supporters; island entrepreneurs who care about cultural and social matters, and that each year allow the festival to exist and to help generate value for the territory.

Marsha Turola is one of them. Born in Toronto, Canada, she is the owner of Marsha Yachting srl,

Neapolitan marine agency specialized in offering services to ships and Yachts, to the commanders and the crew and to the passengers. From the booking of berths, to the support needed both at sea and on land, the agency ensures its availability 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

A practical approach and a great attention to the specific needs of customers facilitate the navigation and allow guests to fully enjoy their rental.

After a degree in administration and tourism acquired in Toronto, Marsha decided to move to Naples, and, after two years as an employee, she opened her own business. Thanks to the owner’s twenty-year experience as a maritime agent, Marsha Yachting ensures high professional standards, earning respect and many collaborations with many megayacht captains.

The agency’s relationship with Capri is strong: many customers, in fact, want to visit the island for its excellent restaurants, to go shopping or to admire its natural wonders such as the Blue Grotto. But this is not the only reason that led Marsha Turola to become web partner of the Caprese event for the second year in a row.

“In addition to the seriousness and high level of the festival, there is the beneficial end of events that interests me and captures my attention”, Marsha tells us. “I believe that the activity of the association Soleterre, which provides help to young cancer patients and their families, may be commendable; and for me it is an honor to contribute to this purpose, through the support offered to That’s Amore Capri”.

As already mentioned, this is the second consecutive year that Marsha Yachting is web partner of the event and Marsha Turola is looking forward to participate in the events of this edition. “Last year, unfortunately, in the days of the event, I had to go on a trip abroad, and I could not be there; but my collaborators, who were present to represent our agency, were nothing short of enthusiastic about the events and the passion and professionalism that the organizers have lavished.

So, this year I will be there too!”.

It is also this that makes the difference between the many events in pur days and an event that acts on the territory, involving and animating it: being able to intercept the passion of entrepreneurs like Marsha Turola, who decided to support an initiative in which they strongly believe.

“We are proud to be part of this organization,” concludes Marsha, “and happy to contribute to an event that can help those in need”.


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