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Children’s health first of all: the importance of Soleterre’s work

In this edition too, That’s Amore Capri renews the goal of solidarity, and it does so collaborating once more with Soleterre. In our interview with Aldo Velardi, Head of Corporate and Major Donors of the foundation, we tried to find out more about their activities, and how the Capri exhibition helps them concretely to fulfill their mission.

What is the mission of the Soleterre Foundation?

Soleterre – says Aldo – was founded in 2002, more than twenty years ago, to protect the psychophysical well-being of kids, women and men in vulnerable conditions, caused by oncological diseases, in Italy and worldwide. Soleterre puts health at the center of its mission, but in a precise sense: it is not only the absence of disease, but a complete state of psychological, physical and social well-being. Since health is a fundamental and inalienable right, and not a consumer good, we want this kind of care not to be a privilege reserved only for those who can afford it. We work every day to combat inequalities that exclude those in disadvantaged socio-economic conditions from access to health care for economic and social reasons“.

How has Soleterre’s work changed with the outbreak of the pandemic?

First of all, It must be said that Covid, in addition to the effects on health, has also manifested effects on the psychosocial component, which in many cases still have consequences. Many people still bear signs of the loneliness they have been forced to endure, the economic impoverishment, the stress and insecurity generated by the pandemic.

For this reason, in addition to reviewing our interventions in pediatric oncology, ensuring a continuity in the relationship between patients and caregivers also through video calls, we have given support to doctors and health professionals who, as we know, have always been at the forefront throughout the emergency”.

What interventions have you activated to address the emergency?

Aware of how the pandemic has generated economic, social and psychological effects that have put us all to the test, we decided to support the community through a national network of psychologists and psychotherapists, who would help not only the most affected people, who contracted the disease, but cancer patients, health workers, and those who had encountered the disease indirectly, because they lost a family member, or work, ot their home… Another target that we thought needed special attention were children and adolescents, who, due to this anomalous situation, have developed anxiety and stress problems.

We have helped over 4,000 people, half of them minors, thanks to a telephone network that covers almost all the regions of Italy, providing qualified assistance at calm prices or in some cases free of charge”.

How did the collaboration with That’s Amore Capri start?

“Our collaboration was born from the friendship between Valerio Pagano and Damiano Rizzo, president and co-founder of Soleterre. The two met during an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, during which Valerio was impressed by the testimony of our commitment to cancer patients and what we do. It is from this mutual knowledge that arrived the solidarity response to support our initiatives: the exhibition That’s Amore Capri has been linked to Soleterre since the second edition. Within the Capri events dedicated to Soleterre, two are the main ones: the first is the show at the Certosa di San Giacomo, which sees the participation of great artists and the presence of our president, Damiano Rizzi, who has the opportunity to thank and update those present directly from the stage; the second is the gala dinner held in October at Paolino’s restaurant, and in that case we are kindly hosted by Michela and Arianna.

For me, That’s Amore represents the possibility of being a community, of feeling close to those who struggle the most, helping even those who we do not know directly. With That’s Amore Capri this has already happened and we hope it will happen again”.


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