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An international art dedicated to the territory: Liquid Art System for That’s Amore Capri

Can the visual arts today be promoters of cultural and social initiatives, be catalysts of energies and resources that bring positive changes in the world? 

For the founder of Liquid Art System, a contemporary art gallery born in Capri and that is successful all over the world, Franco Senesi, this is a scenario still possible; and that is why he decided, together with his gallery, to become web partner of the event That’s Amore Capri.

He himself talked about the idea behind the idea of Liquid Art System: “I was inspired by the concept of a great contemporary thinker, Zygmunt Bauman. The term “liquid” indicates the ability to adapt, to follow contemporary trends, without falling into the mainstream. In fact, ours is a highly sought after work, independent fromthe great art system. The approach we follow is “glocal”: we are looking for artists who can tell what’s local through various techniques, but who do it with an international language”.

Currently, the gallery follows more than 70 artists, of which 15 exclusively; among all, we cite as an example for painting Roberto Ferri, Marco Grassi, Antonio Sannino, Agostino Arrivabene, Elisa Anfuso, Luca Pignatelli; for the sculpture Fabio Viale, Gianfranco Meggiato, Seo Young Deok, Giacinto Bosco; also represented are artists working with other artistic languages, from photography to installations, through video art to kinetic art, to works on paper, wood, glass and ceramics.

The international character of Liquid Art System is demonstrated in particular by its participation in numerous international exhibitions, from Istanbul to London, passing through Kiev, New York and Hong Kong; for over 10 years it has participated in Art Miami, one of the most important fairs in North America. “Thanks to the offices of Capri, Positano and Ravello,” says Senesi, “the gallery has already an international stage, given the many foreign customers who visit these places; but it is with the fairs that we really affirm our presence abroad, going directly to where art enters the circuit of international markets”.

An international dimension that radiates from the island of Capri: a place that was the birthplace of the gallerist Franco Senesi, who, although also taking care of many exhibitions abroad, has always had his Capri as a favorite place for his work. It is here that he had the opportunity to organize important events, including the project “Capri the island of art”: a series of contemporary art exhibitions that have brought international names on the island, which for the days of the event has turned into a real open-air museum. “Exhibiting works of art in the territory means giving the opportunity to those who do not usually enter a gallery, to know the artists, ask themselves questions, inquire. The event included a series of exhibitions held at the Certosa di San Giacomo and around the territory, and thanks to it we were able to finance the restructuring of the Quarto del Priore”. 

This is the first edition of That’s Amore Capri supported by the gallery Liquid Art System; Franco Senesi has joined without hesitation, always ready to give its contribution to this type of events on the island. According to him, “Capri needs opportunities for meetings, exchange of views, and entrepreneurs should support events that promote culture on the territory”. Another important reason that led him to participate was the social purpose of the events: “I think very commendable the work done by the association Soleterre, which helps those who are less fortunate. And I’m happy to contribute with my activity, because contemporary art is often seen as something distant from the real problems of people, but it could help to turn the spotlight on certain issues, including social issues and provide concrete help to those in need”.  

As part of That’s Amore Capri, Liquid Art System will also participate by bringing art into one of the symbolic places of the island and the event, the restaurant da Paolino: “Michela, the owner, has made herself available to exhibit a sculpture in their beautiful location; we will choose it together among those of one of the artists we represent, and it will be a further way to contribute to this wonderful exhibition and once again put art at the center of the discourse, exposing it in an unusual place, but bringing it where it should be, among people”.


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