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From Romagna to Capri, a direct thread thanks to Giorgio Pulazza and That’s Amore

Passion for culture has no boundaries. And so Cervia entrepreneur Giorgio Pulazza, owner of the real estate group Gruppo Ritmo, also answered the call of the That’s Amore review, deciding to join as a web sponsor.

Gruppo Ritmo was established in 1978, founded by Mr. Giorgio Pulazza himself. What motivates him to embark on this adventure is certainly his love and passion for the real estate world; his entire career to date has been marked by the desire to satisfy clients in the purchase and realization of their dream home.

Giorgio Pulazza’s desire to grow has led the Group’s area of interest to expand over the years: it currently covers the entire coast of Romagna. Alongside Giorgio, his son Lorenzo competently directs the family business; with them are also his daughter Valentina and Angela Oscuro, always ready to put their professionalism into play. In addition to this valuable and passionate family, the Ritmo Group relies on a network of many valuable collaborators: from the Sales Department managers, scattered all over the represented territory, to the Administration Department up to the Technical Department; to run such an extensive activity really means doing great teamwork.

From Romagna to Capri: with the island Giorgio Pulazza has an elective affinity, the same one that has led so many people from other cities in Italy and abroad to fall in love with her. Halfway between an escape from the daily grind and a second home, periodically the island has been calling him back to its shores for more than 20 years; initially as a tourist, a guest in Capri’s splendid hotels, and then taking the opportunity to buy a home there, definitively confirming his bond with the island.

And where there is no family or work motivation to tie him to an area, there can only be a pure and selfless love, which makes him always return with pleasure to enjoy the wonders the island can offer. The time spent on Capri has led Giorgio Pulazza to forge sincere bonds with its inhabitants, and with some of them the relationship has become almost fraternal; thus, when his close friend and vice president of the That’s Amore Capri association, Costanzo Porta, told him about this great initiative, he did not hesitate an instant to support it. After all, he is no stranger to philanthropic activities in the Romagna area, and he could not back down to support these causes even in what has become his second home.

Attracting the interest of such an important entrepreneur is surely, in addition to the warmth of this land, the dual nature of the festival now in its fourth edition: on the one hand, an important stage, bringing the big names of culture, entertainment and music to Capri, an important forge of cultural initiatives and entertain.


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