Monuments and Museums

Casa Rossa

In Anacapri, walking along via Giuseppe Orlandi, it is impossible not to notice a Pompeian red building with an eclectic style, called the Casa Rossa.

Built in 1876 by the American southern colonel John Clay MacKowen, it embodies a set of styles and architecture, from the medieval ones that make it similar to a nearby fortress (like the Aragonese tower), to the Middle Eastern ones.

Born to collect and collect archaeological finds found on the island, it is now everyone's heritage and can be visited in its uniqueness.

The inscription imprinted on the portal, “Kaire o polita apragopoleos” [Hello, citizen, of the city of doing nothing]

makes us understand that in Capri you can experience creative idleness where you can rediscover your joie de vivre

Inside the Red House it is possible to visit a beautiful collection of 19th and early 20th century paintings

and the four statues of marine deities found by Capri divers in 1966 in the Blue Grotto.

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