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Certosa di S. Giacomo

The Certosa di San Giacomo, a true jewel of island architecture, where the most important events of the island's history intertwined, was built in the 14th century at the behest of the Capri count Giacomo Arcucci, count of Minervino and Altamura, on a farm of Queen Giovanna I  D'Angiò, protector of the Carthusians of San Martino.

The fourteenth-century layout of the first cloister, also known as the Small Cloister, was followed in the sixteenth century by the Great Cloister with limestone pillars.

In addition to having hosted the Carthusian monks over time, the structure suffered many hardships.  Used as a barracks in the time of Joachim Murat, it became a hospice and then a prison. The architectural structure of the Certosa with its cross, pavilion and barrel vaults is the most illustrious example of the true Capri style.

Inside it is absolutely worth a visit to the museum of Diefenbach,

a German symbolist painter who lived in Capri, and a walk in the rigorous silence of the rear gardens that range over the cobalt blue sea and the Faraglioni.


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