Chiesa di
Santa Maria
del Soccorso

It is located within the perimeter of the Roman excavations of Villa Jovis. The simple appearance recalls the typical buildings of Capri with a vaulted roof, inside it is possible to admire a splendid canvas of the Virgin, but it is on the outside that one of the most enchanting views of the island opens up.

In the open space that formerly served as a viewpoint of the Villa, a bronze stele was erected with the statue of the Madonna, which in 1979 replaced the previous one damaged by lightning during a stormy night and mysteriously disappeared.

Heroic was the transport of the statue (5 meters by 11 quintals of weight) which took place thanks to a helicopter of the American Navy, a Sikorsky RH-53-D. The courtyard, in fact, takes the viewer to immerse themselves on the whole Sorrento Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples.

Only during the feast days of Santa Maria, on 7 and 8 September, mass is celebrated in her honor in the church.

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