The Masters of the sea

Grotta Verde

After rounding Punta Arcere, you will sail along the western side of the Island, where the seabed falls to a depth of 50-60 metres. Then you cross Cala del Rio, whose name is due to the existence of a stream that, in ancient times, flew from Mount Solaro down to its slopes as far as the cove.

After going past past the popular inlets of “Mesola”, “Tombosiello” and “Limmo”, where you can admire the famous “Lighthouse” of Punta Carena, you will keep sailing towards “Marmolata” Cove, a coastal stretch full of inlets and caves, accessible by means of small boats or diving and swimming. Among them are: the “Tre Sorelle” (i.e. the “Three Sisters”), that are connected to one another, the “Grotta della Vela” (i.e. the “Sail Grotto”) and the “Grotta dei Santi” (i.e. the “Saints’ Grotto”). The latter owes its name to the presence of Saint-like rock images in an act of prayer. You will finally get to the most popular cave of the area: the “Green Grotto”, whose name derives from the emerald green colour reflecting on its internal rocky walls.

The depth of the seabed is between four and five metres and on its southern side, a number of fabulous inter-connecting tunnels branch out. Yet, due to strong marine currents, they are not accessible.

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