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Salvatore and Roberto D’Andrea: the perfect combination, which led to the evolution in the meat sector.

“Io Sono La Chianina” non è una semplice macelleria ma il tempio della carne. È u “Io Sono La Chianina” is not a simple butcher's shop but the temple of the flesh. It is a small family-run shop, in which Salvatore (the father) and Roberto (the son) D’andrea put all their experience and professionalism at the service of their customers. "Io sono la Chianina" was born in 1976 from the passion for meat of Salvatore D'Andrea, who has been working in this sector for over forty years: first he had two stores in the Vomero area, then he moved to Chiaia and then on island of Capri. A passion handed down to his son Roberto, with whom he launched this new business, making a bet: in a difficult period for the butchery sector, with the spread of distrust for the quality of what you eat, these two men have decided to take risks and convert these difficulties into strengths. “Io Sono La Chianina” selects the best meats from all over the world, offering innovative cuts, overseas preparations and intense maturation. In recent years, the concept of food has been evolving and Roberto's intuition was precisely to adapt his offer to this change, offering a genuine, refined, excellent quality product, dedicated to all those who consider eating a deep sensory experience.

 "Io sono la Chianina" is not just a butcher, in recent years it has turned into a real designer's shop, offering a careful selection of elite food and wine products for a refined and demanding clientele.

 Top quality cured meats, refined French and Italian cheeses, organic jams and preserves, local craft beers, quality legumes but also special salts, spices and vinegars: a careful gourmet selection dedicated to all those who want to eat well to live well.

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