Unusual Walks

Le Boffe

The Boffe are the symbol of the historic center of Anacapri. The set of streets is linked to the birth of the church of Santa Sofia, and therefore, of the first urban agglomeration downstream of the town.

Before arriving at the center of the square, a stop is required in front of what is said to have been the first home of the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, recognizable by the insertion of Roman elements.

The houses in the area have the typical barrel vaults, hence the name Boffe, and the particular majolica. These architectural details influenced many famous engineers, such as Edwin Cerio and Roberto Pane. In the center of the district, the ancient oil mill will be visible, which takes you back in time to the first farming activities of the island.

This place, which recalls a characteristic square of Tunis, was the first seat of the city government of Anacapri. The old wise men gathered around a tree to decide the laws and the fate of the village.

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