The Masters of the sea

Lo Scoglio delle Sirene

Part of the charm of the island of Capri is closely linked to the myth of the fantastic creatures of mermaids, mythological characters known for their unsurpassed beauty and sweet melody of song. Present among the pages of the poet Ovid, in the form of sinuous creatures that hovered in the air, it is said that destroyed by pain due to a musical defeat with the Muses, tore their wings, they let themselves fall into the sea, thus transforming themselves into splendid sirens floating along the coasts of Capri.

Right among these waves are present between the lines of Homer’s Odyssey, when at the passage of the mythical hero Ulysses, completely careless of the magic of their song and tied to the mast of his boat, the pain, for the umpteenth failure, will bring them to refuge in death, drowning in the sea and turning into rocks.

in those rocks that still take the name of Scoglio delle Sirene, in one of the most fascinating bays of Capri, that of Marina Piccola.

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