Neverending summer at La Tablita

The Anacapri based restaurant is open all year and offers many engaging activities to its customers.

This year has been incredible for all those people who work with tourists and for all the business owners in tourist destinations. Thanks to high temperatures till the end of october and to the will to travel and enjoy summer, many tourists have arrived in Italy, and for a period that has been longer than usual.

Winter is now coming and on a tourist island like Capri, many commercial activities already closed or about to.

Some business owners, instead, face head on the cold season knowing that they have to offer stimulating and engaging alternatives to their customers.

Carlo is among these: his restaurant “La Tablita” is open all year, offering to the customers a place where they can have fun, eat good food and spend their time with other people.

Life in Anacapri, the town where the restaurant is located, is different from Capri. In Anacapri, in fact, seasonality is less accentuated and, for business owners like Caro, winter can be seen as a second summer, since less restaurants are open and people still want to go out.

During winter months, the menu at La Tablita is slightly different from Summer: less fish dishes and more meat varieties.

Since the clientele is 95% of residents, relationship with them becomes more confidential, like in a great family. La Tablita makes the perfect place to have just a glass of good wine or to have dinner, like at home.

Carlo plans many events, during winter: for example, once a month, an aperitif with music and karaoke, the perfect occasion to have fun with friends.

In October, everybody await the Oktoberfest: live music, beer and a typical Bavarian menu. Every year, this event attracts many people, who can’t wait to be a part of La Tablita events.

The bar is the real center of the nightlife of this spot and during the last years, there has been a generational change, that haa brought many more young people to La Tablita.

Last winter attendance has been so high that the owners have decided to stay open. This great interest and participation towards the restaurant has been the best reward for all the hard work to stay open without pause.

People chose La Tablita because they know it’s open also in winter, but they always come back because they find a cozy spot where they can be at ease and an informal and relaxing environment, everything that’s necessary to take a break after a day at work.

What’s next at La Tablita?

For sure, Christmas time will be full of surprises and not to be missed events, like aperitifs with music, themed dinners and many other tempting inventions of Carlo, always ready to offer to his customers the right proposals to have fun.

a cura di Stefano D'Alessandro

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