Processione di Sant’Antonio

June 13 is a special day for Anacapri which celebrates the feast of its patron saint, Sant’Antonio.
Already a week earlier, the historic center and the Church of Santa Sofia are dressed in the party dress.
In fact, colored drapes and lights fill the square and the streets in front of the church from which the saint will come out. In addition, there are also many typical candy and toy stalls.

On the day of the procession, the faithful eagerly await the release of the wooden bust of Saint Anthony which is carried around the town.

There is great participation in the procession and the eyes are lost in admiring the children dressed as “little angels” and “little monks”, who bring with them the “bread of Saint Anthony”. Each neighborhood is decorated with broom rugs to pay homage to the passage of the Saint and the many faithful, as per tradition, throw flowers from the balconies from wicker baskets. Usually, colorful broom flowers and rose petals are used.

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