Relais 2 Pini: With the new generation, an innovative management in respect of the past

The “2 Pini” family focuses on domotics, comfort and contact between guests and nature for the rebranding of the historic company in a “slow” key. Today we are aware of the fact that an unbridled progress, without thinking about sustainability and respect for resources and the environment is certainly harmful in the long term, the new generations are wondering how to innovate by combining the most modern technologies with the natural and artistic heritage that makes our country beautiful. Today, more than ever, there is a need for young entrepreneurs to look to the past not with a nostalgic eye, but rather by treasuring the valuable teachings of those who came before them, with the aim of offering clients new and unexpected solutions. A long tradition in Anacapri The story of brothers Guido and Augusto seems to tell the story of this generation of young entrepreneurs: the two young men from Anacapri, in fact, gradually took over the management of Relais 2 Pini in Anacapri, alongside their parents and grandmother, Elisabeth, in the development of the business, now in its third generation.
2 Pini boasts a long history, which began around 1950, when grandfather Giuseppe Ferraro, son of confectioner Michele Ferraro (known on the island as Peppino o’ pasticcier) opened the historic Bar Due Pini in Piazza Vittoria (now known as Ristorante Due Pini). In the early 2000s, with the support of his daughter Giulia, the hotel branch was launched with the Residence 2 Pini. Despite the profound changes over the years, the name “2 Pini” has deliberately remained that of the original company, precisely because of the desire to preserve the great history that characterizes these places as, in fact, the two ancient pines that towered over Piazza Vittoria making it iconic (unfortunately, today only one remains).
Piazza Vittoria making it iconic (unfortunately, today only one remains). Even the villa that currently houses the relais has its own history. This was, in fact, the family’s country house where the grandfather produced wine, a splendid estate at the foot of Monte Solaro, which is part of the Caposcuro range, from which the typical Anacapri wine takes its name.
Hospitality and comfort The concept of Relais 2 Pini has been developed in line with the changing needs of international clients and others. The 7 suites lend themselves to shorter or longer stays, accommodating those who come to Capri on vacation and want to enjoy the highest levels of comfort and absolute relaxation. Three of the rooms, in fact, have a private outdoor Jacuzzi, also in response to the consequences of the pandemic on the needs of guests: that of having a reserved space when the beaches are full and it becomes difficult to move around in peace. In short, those staying at the Relais 2 Pini are guaranteed a safe vacation, despite the crowds that crowd the island during peak summer periods. In traditional Capri style, and furnished in bright colors, the beautiful suites are affected by renovations. As of May 1, the new rooms will be ready to welcome visitors to the island from all over the world, bringing a breath of fresh air to the structure. Decorated with handcrafted Vietri-style majolica tiles, each of the suites will have its own personalized color palette. A strategic position in the center of Anacapri and the tranquility of the garden which surrounds it are the strengths of Relais 2 Pini: a little distance from the center, but within easy walking distance, just 50 meters from Piazza Vittoria. Those who know Anacapri well know that, here, even more than on Capri, it is possible to re-establish contact with nature, seek out opportunities to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Once you’ve crossed the threshold of the Relais, you’ll find yourself immersed in a splendid garden and invaded by a tranquility and calm which is difficult to achieve elsewhere on the island. The location of the structure is also ideal for those who are fond of walks as the Migliera or the viewpoint of Villa San Michele, and just a few steps to reach the chairlift that leads to Monte Solaro … In short, for those who want to explore the ‘blue island is really spoiled for choice. The characteristics and the position make the Relais the favourite destination of families or couples, eager to spend a pleasant weekend immersed in nature. At the same time, the guest does not feel alone: all the necessary attention is dedicated to him, to put him at ease in an informal and familiar atmosphere. These are the ideals that grandfather Peppino pursued, and this attitude has remained absolutely intact in the new generation. One of the reasons why this has not changed is the fact that although the company is now in its third generation, the management has remained internal and family-run: this allows us to devote special attention to the needs of our customers, who are followed personally, something that hardly happens in larger structures. Amenities and technologies for guests Over time, for example, you learn the habits and needs of the most loyal customers who return every year. Knowing their preferences and tastes allows Relais 2 Pini to build loyalty among its customers, aiming to maximize guest satisfaction. Currently, guests have at their disposal 7 modern suites, 3 of which with private whirlpool bath; also the common areas are treated in detail to provide maximum comfort: from the garden with solarium to the whirlpool area, from the beautiful lemon grove where you can spend relaxing afternoons in the shade to the vegetable garden, cultivated as per family tradition. In addition, guests can delight in the delicious recipes of the chef of the Due Pini Restaurant, run by well-known Capri restaurateurs. The restaurant offers typical Mediterranean recipes, the typical Neapolitan pizza and, since last year, the REI terrace where sushi and cocktails are served. In a place so full of history, the challenge of the two brothers was to bring an incremental innovation that would not distort this great heritage of memory, but rather enhance it. Their support in the family business has allowed the introduction of new access control systems to manage the rooms, and a home automation solution within the suites, in order to offer guests maximum comfort, to make them feel at home on our island. In particular, each suite is equipped with Smart Tv, to allow guests to access modern streaming platforms and content of their choice. A further step in the digitization of services, will soon make the Relais 2 Pini the first structure on the island where you can also pay in cryptocurrency; an opportunity that demonstrates the will of the family to keep up with the times, and offer services that look to the future. #2PiniCapri: a true island brand The protagonist of summer 2022 will be the restyling of the rooms with an ad hoc design commissioned by the two brothers, who felt the need to give a fresh touch to the rooms and a stylistic change. The interventions are framed within a broader strategic work of repositioning focused on two objectives: on the one hand to give luster to the corporate history of the grandparents and making the “2 Pini” a real brand, and on the other to bring services to customers to a hotel standard. A work that goes from the restyling, the rebranding of visual communication and that comes up to the activation of social channels and the website, aspects that are now essential for all successful activities. A challenge that Guido and Augusto have accepted with enthusiasm, ready to invest the maximum of their ideas and energy to continue the family history of 2 Pini and to ensure that the Relais grows more and more. Follow @2pinicapri and the hashtag #2pinicapri to stay updated!

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