There is no escaping the temptation to take away a memory of the island with you.

Shopping in Capri is not limited only to the designer clothes of the famous brands present, but also includes a series of items that will always keep alive the memory of the days spent on vacation and the desire to return. Here are some examples:

The famous ceramic lemons and tiles representing glimpses of Capri, to be purchased in trusted shops that have maintained this tradition for years.

The bell bell of Capri, in various sizes and versions. Legend has it that once a shepherd lost his sheep. One night, attracted by the sound of a bell, he ran to the edge of a ravine and there he was dazzled by the apparition of St. Michael, who gave him a bell promising him that at its sound he would be safe from any danger. This is why it becomes a precious gift to give to people who hold a special place in one’s heart.

Limoncello di Capri, to take away the memory of the island sun and its magical citrus scent. It will be possible to buy it either in supermarkets or in the most selected wine bars.

The Capresi sandals, strictly in leather and hand-sewn, made famous by the legendary Jackie Kennedy, a symbol of simplicity and elegance. There is no female celebrity in the world who has never worn them once. There are several shops where you can buy them and different types, from simple in leather only to those embellished with corals or jewel stones. You are spoiled for choice to feel like a barefoot Cinderella!

Linen clothing and the typical hand-woven straw bags. For a long time, the simplicity of this style and its freshness have been an indication of elegance and sobriety. It will be easier to be spoiled for choice in the narrow streets of Anacapri, which maintains greater observance of the Caprese tradition with its shops.

For the most glorious sweet thoughts to savor once at home, bringing back to mind, closing your eyes with every bite, the carefree and holiday atmosphere. Almond cake, as the name implies, made of almonds and chocolate. The fantastic sfogliatelle, smooth or curly, with cream, candied fruit and orange blossom aroma and the famous Fior di latte, very different from buffalo mozzarella, more unavailable abroad due to its shorter shelf life, but a primary ingredient for the version of the caprese salad.

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