The president of the association That’s Amore Capri speaks: Salvatore Aprea, his passion for haute cuisine and his commitment to the exhibition

We are used to reading about Salvatore Aprea for his work as a chef, which he carries out with passion and professionalism, as well as for being the owner of the restaurant “da Tonino”, one of the most renowned of Capri. We learned about him for the many initiatives he follows in the world of haute cuisine: he is a member of the group “Le collectionneurs”, a community created with the aim of disseminating good food and offering the opportunity to the chefs participating in it to share and exchange points of view, and of the Ambassadors of Taste, a non-profit association of which today are part of the representatives of the Italian food and wine heritage that, through their profession, have distinguished themselves in its enhancement.

Today, however, we will learn to know him from another point of view, namely as president of the association That’s Amore Capri.

“This year marks a very important anniversary: we celebrate 30 years of the restaurant “da Tonino”. From here i got the idea of organizing five events  of haute cuisine, which embellish the program of the 2023 edition of the exhibition. It was something I particularly cared about, as both the restaurant, which this year blows the remarkable number of 30 candles, both the project That’s Amore Capri, far more “young” but that is giving us a lot of satisfaction, are two realities that are very close to my heart”.

It’s really rich the calendar of events to celebrate the first 30 years of the restaurant “da Tonino”: for each evening, Salvatore has decided to host starred chefs and important wine producers, personalities with whom there is a relationship of esteem and mutual respect, as well as of friendship. “The goal is to join forces with That’s Amore Capri, creating events that enrich the program of the exhibition. On April 21st, the chef Pasquale Tozzi of the Grand Hotel Fasano of Gardone Riviera was a guest at the restaurant; on May 9th Chris Oberhammer of the Tilia Restaurant, and fon 11th June chef Valentino Marcattilii of the restaurant San Domenico of Imola. But it does not end here: on September 22nd the events will resume, with a collaboration with RISO BUONO, guests chefs Oliver Glowing and Roberto Di Pinto of Sine Ristorante Milano. The final event will take place on 13 October, and will consist of a 4 hands dinner with Emanuele Petrosino of the Restaurant Bianca sul Lago”.

The adventure of That’s Amore Capri originated with the meeting between two professionals, each in their  field: “I and Valerio Pagano, artistic director of That’s Amore Capri, met following a professional collaboration; on that occasion Valerio told me about the exhibition, and the desire to enrich it with a series of events dedicated to haute cuisine. From our collaboration emerged the idea of dedicating an ad hoc section. 

If we wanted to draw to date a balance of these first editions, I cannot but feel largely satisfied: from the beginning, in fact, there was in us the desire to organize quality events, and, thanks to the commitment of members and partners, the results have largely exceeded the expectations. It is undoubtedly ademanding  job, that involves us members all year round and that requires passion and will; but seing how it grows qualitatively in each edition fills with satisfaction and repays us for our efforts”.

This is, according to Salvatore Aprea, the real ingredient for the success of a complex and important event like That’s Amore Capri: a close-knit team, working hard to bring every year to Capri the best of culture, entertainment, haute cuisine. “As president of the association, I thank all those who contribute, with their work, to make possible this exhibition that has now become an important event for the island. I would also like to thank the Soleterre team, the Foundation committed to helping young cancer patients and their families, with whom we collaborate and to whom we donate part of the proceeds of our events. Even with them, over the years a relationship of esteem, respect and friendship was born, and we are really proud of the contribution we are able to give to their mission”.

What is the president’s vision of the future of the project That’s Amore Capri?

I imagine us continuing to grow, creating new events dedicated to haute cuisine and more. There are many projects in the pipeline today; we will continue to follow them with the values that distinguish us: first of all, a great passion for everything we promote; a strong spirit of friendship, that binds us members of the association; and finally, the will to do good to our neighbour, to promote the value of solidarity and the idea that through small gestures we can build a better world”.


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