The testimony of Alberto Viola, owner of the jewelry La Violetta, one of the first to believe in That’s Amore Capri

Believing in a project means being inspired by an idea, having full confidence in those who work there, but above all sharing the passion of realizing a dream and seeing it grow. 

That’s how it’s been for Alberto Viola, owner of the jewelry La Violetta, with That’s Amore Capri; in this interview, Alberto wanted to share with us the love for his work and for the island that welcomed him with so much warmth.  

I have been doing the job of a jeweler since I was 16,” he says; “I was born as a craftsman, and this creative and hard-working side continues to accompany me today in everything I do. With time, in fact, especially thanks to this very important experience, I became a trader, first as a wholesaler, and finally opening the jewelry La Violetta in Capri, about 9 years ago“.

From the beginning, the relationship with the island was idyllic, in the name of appraisall and mutual respect: “I managed to fit in fully, and many of my customers are from Capri; I also have an international clientele, since Capri has a strong appeal all over the world, choosing my jewelry for their purchases. I think they choose La Violetta because it is the ideal place to find High Jewelry, both for those looking for a jewelry that celebrates a special occasion, and for those who want to buy one for themselves. Here you can also receive advice from qualified personnel, always ready to follow the customers in the purchase process and support them in every choice. Obviously, I live Capri more in the summer, in those 5 months, when summer attracts people here fascinated by the beautiful sea and the atmosphere of the island“. 

The partnership between That’s Amore Capri and La Violetta began in the first year; the idea came from the artistic director, Valerio Pagano, one of the promoters of the project. “As soon as Valerio told me about the initiative, I did not hesitate to support it, and I became one of the first sponsors of That’s Amore Capri. What convinced me was, in addition to having already worked with him, his enthusiasm and his willingness to grow together; I think I was right to invest in this dream, because over the years the exhibition has been able to evolve and become a reference point for Capri”.

It was, of course, also the philanthropic aims of the exhibition to attract the interest of Alberto Viola. “I often participate in charitable initiatives, I believe that doing good to others is a moral task. 

The entrepreneurial class, who works and produces, can give up something to give it to those less fortunate. I believe in particular that there are two targets to which our society should direct its attention: the children and the elderly, the most fragile and in need of help; and it is precisely to the children that the project That’s Amore Capri is addressed, thanks to the collaboration with the Soleterre Foundation. One more reason why it is essential for me to participate”.

For a veteran of the supporters of the festival as Alberto, there are many important moments left in the heart; “among all, what I remember with the most emotion is definitely the evening event with Paolo Ruffini, who brought to Capri the show Up & Down. The sympathy of the Tuscan comedian and the energy of the guys have thrilled me and all the audience present! I am sure that this year the exhibition will surprise us positively, and will reach the hearts of all giving indelible emotions”.


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