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Villa Lysis

Villa Lysis, once called the Gloriette. This place of the soul is linked to the figure of the noble Parisian poet and esthete Jacques Fersen who, after a scandal in Paris, chose Capri as his existential exile.  He decided to call it Villa Lysis in reference to Plato's dialogue, Liside, which deals with friendship and homosexual love. As soon as you enter, you are amazed by the mix of elegance, eccentricity and mystery. A contamination of styles, from Oriental style neoclassicism, which captivates the visitor's mind, dragging him into oblivion of timeless beauty

Precisely for this reason it was the seat and reference point for numerous artists and intellectuals.

The amazement also continues outside thanks to the idyllic view over the bay of Marina Grande and imposing staircase with Ionic columns that dominates the entrance.

For two years it has been possible to visit
the La Gloriette Park

where it is possible to admire all the arboreal qualities and flowers dear to the Count. During the summer, the Villa often hosts theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts and dance performances.

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