Monuments and Museums

Villa Malaparte

In addition to Villa San Michele, another mansion that undoubtedly arouses interest is Casa come me, better known as Casa Malaparte. It is a home that is a little out of the box and certainly does not represent the classic Capri architecture characterized by pergolas and vaults.

You will admire, by sea with a gozzo or by land along via Pizzolungo, a red house, with an angular shape, essential and rational but well integrated into the landscape, built on a rocky promontory, with access from a narrow road.

It is considered one of the masterpieces of modern architecture and one of its main features is that of having a huge staircase that allows you to climb to the roof and from there enjoy the incredible panorama.

In 1936 the writer Curzio Malaparte arrived on the island and was fascinated by this wild promontory.

He bought the land and initially entrusted the construction project to Adalberto Libera, one of the leading exponents of rational architecture.  This place has also been appreciated by directors in fact, an epic scene is with Brigitte Bardot protagonist of the film The Contempt. Unfortunately, the villa cannot be visited, currently the property belongs to the Ronchi Foundation.

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