Capri is not only in the deafening noise of the piazzetta, Capri is in the magic of its thousand hidden corners.

Salotto del Mondo does not want to represent a specific place on the island, the only beating heart.
Certainly life and soul pass through the square, but Capri cannot be “reduced” to a small parenthesis that summarizes local and international life. Living Room of the World also means representing the real and unique beauty of the most loved island in the world which is not just the noise of people or places devoted to worldliness.
The real protagonists of “capresità” are nature, virginity, the most distant and suggestive corners in which the masters are the sea, the vegetation, the sky and the rock, seen from spectacular and never predictable points of view. Try to walk along peripheral paths and streets that extend towards panoramic points of the island … you will find an ever new perspective from which to fix those images in your mind, or make them forever with a photo shot that is never the same as another. Each light, each space always makes a different emotion that brings back to the magic of the island, which makes Capri real.
At sunrise or sunset, day or night, in good weather or with wind and rain … a thousand and a thousand more are the “shots” all different for emotion that sit in the front row on the sofa of the Lounge of the World .
Many ancient buildings are also a treasure of splendor that lose their artificial essence to marry with the physiognomy of the island until they are completely owned, of which the brilliant and respectful Via Krupp is the prime example above all. How many residences do not impact the natural beauty of the island? From the imperial residence of Tiberius to the more discreet ones that belonged to poets, writers and filmmakers, no one outrages the island but is an integral part of it.
The square itself, from “living room of the world” can become an empty space on winter evenings, filled only with profound suggestion. Well, that suggestion is not foreign to the mosaic of the worldly living room, but it constitutes a large piece of it: it only lives its different season representing a different beauty and uniqueness (photo).
In winter, the half-empty streets, the deserted beaches, the sea dominated by seagulls, the soft lights; only the wind in the trees and the spray of a wave breaking on the cliff make noise. This too is Salotto del Mondo . Capri, in all four seasons from sunrise to sunset, can show itself as nature made it with the most beautiful moments and colors, returning to live in its most genuine and profound essence, that of a real Capri.

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