Chiesa di
San Michele

In Piazza San Nicola, in the historic center of Anacapri and not far from the main church of Santa Sofia, it is possible to visit the monumental church of San Michele Arcangelo. Fascinating 18th century Baroque structure was commissioned by Mother Serafina di Dio, founder of the convent of the Teresians in Capri.

The woman’s stubbornness also derives from a promise she made to St. Michael the Archangel where she begged him for Vienna to be freed from the siege of the Turks: “If you free Vienna, I promise to found a church and a monastery in Anacapri, for the greater glory of Lord and to your honor. ”

The church was built next to the pre-existing Church of San Nicola and houses one of the most singular, colorful and photographed majolica floors in the world: The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise by Leonardo Chiaiese. It will be possible to observe everything going up a spiral staircase on a mezzanine that will guarantee a complete view of the floor in its total beauty.

Inside, you can also admire many 18th century paintings attributed to Giacomo Del Po and Paolo De Matteis and the beautiful high altar by Agostino Chirola, in Baroque-Rococo style, donated by the Prince of San Nicandro in 1761.

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