I am the Chianina: not only quality products, but a service that makes the difference.

Salvatore and Roberto have chosen to face adversity head on.

The health emergency we are facing has shown us the importance of knowing how to adapt to changes. This does not mean betraying one’s nature and one’s ideals;  but rather find the courage to face new challenges and broaden one’s horizons.

This is the path that Salvatore and Roberto D’Andrea have traveled with their project Io sono la Chianina: an activity that has been able to combine the experience of the father and the will to innovate of the son, to offer customers excellent, refined products and of sure quality.

In Naples there is the historic headquarters, opened by Salvatore in 1976, where he currently continues to work alongside his daughter and an employee;  for the Capri office, on the other hand, the work of Roberto and Biagio, his collaborator, is fundamental.

Today the two stores are managed in parallel, both in terms of the procurement of products and their management.

Over time, the business of Io sono la Chianina has been able to evolve;

after the first choice to specialize in the sale of meat of the bovine breed whose name it bears, the historic shop in Naples and the one in Capri, opened in 2018, have been able to adapt to a clientele from all over the world, also offering international cuts; up to widening to the selection and sale of products other than meat alone.

At Io sono la chianina di Capri, in fact, there is a wide choice of cold cuts and cheeses for customers, products in which a marked preference for made in Italy stands out: a representative panorama of all the Italian regions which, as we know,  they boast real excellences in these gastronomic sectors.

In addition, counting important chefs among its customers, the Capri shop also offers a wide choice in the food sector, including what those who work in the sector need to cook and offer meat dishes.

But beyond the type of products that make up the varied offer of Io sono la Chianina, the awareness that, nowadays, each of us can find any product they want easily and in any other place; what really makes the difference is the ability to offer a range of services to the customer, from attention to hygiene to packaging, to the preparation and professionalism of the staff. All elements that really make a difference, even for an activity like I am the Chianina.

The arrival of the covid, needless to say, has changed the lives of all of us, especially those who manage a business. This fate also affected Salvatore and Roberto, who, at the time of the declaration of the beginning of the pandemic, found themselves having to make the decision to open or close their butcher’s shop, without really knowing what they were facing; once again they showed their courage, deciding for the opening despite everything. Since that moment their way of working has profoundly changed, just as in general the way of approaching trade has changed: attention to hygiene issues has increased exponentially, as well as to the display of products and the flow of entry into shops. To avoid the danger of any contamination during transport, the staff of Io sono la Chianina has changed the methods of receiving the goods: now they receive goods sealed with double packaging, a choice made to protect the safety of customers as much as possible.

But not only that: even the sale has changed a bit, as if people had decided to take a step back and go back to the essentials. On the part of customers there is greater attention to natural products, and a greater demand for guarantees with respect to organic food and controlled farms.

Finally, a chapter that opens up interesting scenarios for the future is that relating to online sales: many people, even initially skeptical, were attracted by the potential of this new form of purchase.

Io sono la Chianina pays more attention to those who make online purchases, with regard to the cold chain, through the affixing of thermometric maps, which allow the customer to check if there has been a period of time in which the product has gone out of temperature.

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