The living room brand of the world

Those who truly love the Salotto del mondo today appear disoriented, often frightened, angry, doubtful. The island of Capri, in fact, has over time become a real icon not only as a world-famous tourist resort thanks to its natural and historical beauties and a destination for v.i.p. of every kind and origin. But no problem so far, it has been since the time of the dolce vita that the island has been growing its fame, which has become increasingly exclusive.
What frightens us today is the market, trade, matter, money.
The power of the latter manages to revolutionize and distort almost everything, to make the beautiful where there is none, and the ugly where there is beauty. The market has come to be fed almost exclusively by marketing pushed to the extreme. It is not enough to have an idea, you need to know how to value and sell it, this is the basic concept.
Here, value and sale are also possible thanks to the power of an image, a name, a symbol, and unfortunately sometimes only thanks to that, emptied of all qualities: Capri is the most striking example.
We are not here to judge the quality, but we only intend to express what this island makes as a “name”. This sort of “income” has become so extreme, it has been pushed from every point of view and for every kind of product or service: just the name and the origin, a good promotional package, an attractive aesthetic and that’s it, at a naturally high price.
The extended concept of the name makes the Salotto del mondo a real “brand”, that is a general multi-design identifying trademark. And so today everything makes a brand, from a culinary dish to a dress, from an object to a place, from a book, a photo, a video, a magazine to a thought, from a tourist tour, to a living room, no ‘is limit. Everything can become trade under the name of “Capri”. The island does well.
The path outlined is this, but it is welcome if this name is not abused; welcome if there is no violence and mere exploitation of this name to empty its essence; welcome if this name is not given the right respect so as to contribute, at the same time, to giving that extra value to the living room of the world; welcome if this name is not a single source of income without improving; welcome if the origin, culture, tradition and history of this name are not known.
Who uses badly, or rather, who exploits this “name” so known in the world for the sole purpose of getting rich without making the right return even to the island itself in terms of quality and growth, and the satisfaction of having contributed to improving its image from all points of view, is not even worthy of pronounce the word “Capri”.
There is no place in the living room in the world for careerists and exploiters or fake amateurs. There is no place for smart, beggars and opportunists. Those who work for and with this name, so magical and powerful, have a great privilege but also an enormous responsibility: that of granting Capri the same value as it derives from it. There is no just having. As for those who have the honor of administering it, they have the duty to defend it from any abuse in the name of God alone, money without a dignified and honorable return of image, for Capri and for the people of Capri.
The island has become an easy brand, and that is why it deserves protection and caution if it is to remain one of the tourist wonders of the world, loved and respected.





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