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An exceptional host for That’s Amore Capri: the passion and professionalism of Graziano Albanese on stage.

Any self-respecting event requires a large staff of people who put in different skills in order to be successful. And if the work of those who work backstage for organizational activities is fundamental, so is that of those who literally go “on stage”, accompanying the audience and, with the right dose of charisma and professionalism, allow them to live unforgettable evenings.

For That’s Amore Capri, Graziano Albanese will have this very important role; we asked him when his passion as a host was born and what it represents for him to have the burden and honor to tell about such an important event for Capri.

“It all started by chance, at 16, when a friend and I came up with a kind of reality show inspired by the Big Brother, but with an “islander” dimension; we couldn’t decide who the presenter should have been and so in the end it was I who tried this role. Since then I have not stopped! When we ended making it, I thought that my “career as a presenter” was already over but, instead, it had just begun! Since then, in fact, there have been parades, book presentations, and many other events that have led me to tread the stages of the island. About ten years ago I started to conduct major events in the squares of the island of Capri, often attended by celebrities of the show business”. 

For Graziano, this is the third edition as host of That’s Amore Capri. “I believe that this chemistry is based essentially on mutual esteem between me and the organizers, as well as on the enormous passion we share for the world of music and entertainment. Of course it is hard work, which I take very seriously, but the results are always tangible and give a lot of satisfaction. The presence of the association Soleterre, moreover, stimulates me even more to give my best, because there is the awareness of doing good to others. Finally, I think that That’s Amore Capri is a precious opportunity for the island, as it represents a real kermesse of events with new ideas and insights; this happens thanks to the wise artistic direction of Valerio Pagano, who over the years has been able to anticipate and bring to Capri characters and shows that later have had even greater success with the public”.

So, when we ask Graziano for a particular event he hosted that remained in his heart, he confesses that he finds it difficult to choose just one; “each one for me is a special memory, with its peculiarities, with a universe of stories and anecdotes that I will carry inside forever. Speaking for example of the events of That’s Amore Capri, I could mention the evening when I presented the show by Paolo Ruffini “Up & Down”, together with his special guys, who managed to move and excite me and the audience; or, again, when I had the honor of being joined by the great comedian Maurizio Casagrande during the beautiful evening of the concert of The Kolors.  

Other events, outside the Festival but always under the artistic direction of Valerio Pagano, which I remember with great pleasure, are those with the hilarious comedy duo Pio and Amedeo, or even when we took to Capri the show of Carroccia and Mogol, an unprecedented island event. If I think about all these magical moments, I still have the chills!”.

There are many events behind Graziano, and the emotions remained in his heart; but among all there is a feeling to which he admits to be particularly attached: “Valerio and I, on the day of the event, spend the whole day together; these are exciting moments, full of frenzy. After the event, however, we relax, we talk about how it went, and I must say that we are always excited about the warmth of people, especially in the hours after the event… I think this is why I still try my hand at this job: for the awareness of giving emotions. It’s for occasions like this that I love this job, and I can’t wait to get more, thanks to Valerio and That’s Amore Capri“.


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